by riyadparvez

A library for advanced data structures in C#.

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Data Structures C#


Looking for maintainers

I don't have time to maintain this project anymore. If you are interested into maintaining this project, please drop me an email.

A library for all the data structures in C#. Every class will be generic and reusable. It uses library.

Caution: This library is under development and not tested. Anything can break.

Implemented data structures are:

  • AVL Tree
  • B+ Tree
  • Binary Search Tree
  • Binary Search Tree (Transpose)
  • Binomial Heap
  • Bloom Filter
  • Compressed Trie
  • Concurrent Hash Set
  • Directed Acyclic Word Graph
  • Heap
  • Heap Structured Binary Tree
  • Interval Tree
  • List (Move to front heuristics)
  • List (Frequency count heuristics)
  • List (Transpose heuristics)
  • Red Black Tree
  • Region Quad Tree
  • Rooted Tree
  • Splay Tree
  • Skip List
  • Trie

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