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Code for "Text Generation from Knowledge Graphs with Graph Transformers"

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Text Generation from Knowledge Graphs with Graph Transformers

This repository contains the source code of our paper, Text Generation from Knowledge Graphs with Graph Transformers, which is accepted for publication at NAACL 2019.



python3.6 -save 
for a list of all training options.

To generate, use

python3.6 -save 
with the appropriate model flags used to train the model

To evaluate, run


AGENDA Dataset

The AGENDA dataset is available in a user-friendly json format in /data/unprocessed.tar.gz Preprocessed data is also available in /data.


If this work is useful in your research, please cite our paper.

  title={{T}ext {G}eneration from {K}nowledge {G}raphs with {G}raph {T}ransformers},
  author={Rik Koncel-Kedziorski, Dhanush Bekal, Yi Luan, Mirella Lapata, and Hannaneh Hajishirzi},

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