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[Archived] Syte2 is a personal website with interactive social integrations.

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Sorry, but this project is no longer maintained. Please checkout the new version Syte3 if interested.



Syte2 is the new and refined version of Syte, a personal website with interactive social integrations. Syte2 integrates with Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Github, Dribbble, Spotify/, YouTube and Tumblr. You can see it in action on my personal site.


Syte2 starts of with your social stream. It groups all integrations into a nice and easy to follow timeline.


Social Integrations


Syte2 integrates with Twitter. Every time you tweet it adds that post to your stream. The Twitter page shows a page similar to your profile.



Syte2 integrates with Github. Every time you commit something to Github it shows that activity on your stream. The Github page shows your list of public repos and your public activity.



Syte2 integrates with Dribble. Every time you post a shot to Dribble it shows that shot on your stream. The Dribble page shows a page similar to your Dribbble profile.


Spotify via

Syte2 integrates with Spotify via Every time you listen to a song on Spotify that activity is sent to, Syte2 gather and groups that information and adds it to your stream. The Spotify page shows a list of recent tracks you played, as well as your top artists, albums and tracks.



Syte2 integrates with Instagram. Every time you post an image to Instagram it shows that image on your stream. The Instagram page shows a page similar to your profile.



Syte2 integrates with YouTube. Every time you post a video to YouTube it shows that video on your stream. The YouTube page shows a page similar to your YouTube profile.



Syte2 integrates with Foursquare. Every time you check-in on Foursquare, after a period of time it shows that check-in on your stream. The Foursquare page shows a list of your recent check-ins and a map with a summary of check-ins in the past month.



Syte2 integrates with Tumblr. Every time you post something to Tumblr it shows that activity on your stream. The Tumblr page shows all your posts.


Responsive UI

Syte2 is responsive, it scales to any screen size.


Technologies Used

Syte2 is MEAN! It uses MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js.

For development Syte2 uses LESS as the CSS pre-processor.

Syte2 also uses a font for icons. I should probably document how I design and build those fonts.

For deployment Syte2 uses Heroku (since they have a free option) with mLab MongoDB add-on.

Setup Instructions

The setups instructions are mostly for Mac not sure if there are any differences for other OSs.

There are a few steps in order to get Syte2 configured, but don't worry they are pretty easy.

  1. Getting started and initial content changes
  2. Running the project locally
  3. Setting up Twitter
  4. Setting up Github
  5. Setting up Dribbble
  6. Setting up Spotify &
  7. Setting up Instagram
  8. Setting up YouTube
  9. Setting up Foursquare
  10. Setting up Tumblr

Deployment Instructions

For now I've only deployed my website to Heroku since it's free to start out. I would love to see it deployed to different services.


There are plans for several services to be added in the TODO file. One of these services is a good place to start when looking for ways to help. Also posting/fixing issues is always helpful.


Syte2 was developed by Rigo (Rodrigo Neri).

Check out his personal website at

Follow him on twitter @rigoneri

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