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Vector animation framework in Swift for iOS and OSX.

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Vector animation framework in Swift based on SwiftGraphics for iOS 9 and OSX. With ShapeAnimation you can easily create various animations with a nice Swift based syntax.


SVG animation development with SVGKit happens on the SVG branch. ShapeAnimation-ObjC is an alternative vector animation framework in Objective-C.

Also note this project has moved to Swift 2.0 which requires Xcode 7.0 and Mac OS X 10.10.

What's included

  • ShapeView class which contains vector shape layers.

    • Helper functions to add image, text, circle, regular polygon, lines and other shapes.
    • Support gradient fill with animation.
    • Enumerate, hit-test or find layers.
  • Animation extension functions of CALayer.

    • opacityAnimation, flashAnimation, backColorAnimation
    • scaleAnimation, tapAnimation, transformAnimation
    • rotate360Degrees, rotationAnimation
    • shakeAnimation, moveAnimation, moveOnPathAnimation
    • slideToRight, slideAnimation, flipHorizontally, flipVertically
    • Layer dragging: constrainCenterToSuperview, bringOnScreen
  • Animation extension functions of CAShapeLayer.

    • strokeStartAnimation, strokeEndAnimation, lineWidthAnimation
    • strokeColorAnimation, fillColorAnimation, dashPhaseAnimation
    • switchPathAnimation
  • Group animation and cascaded animation.

    • animationGroup for the same layer
    • applyAnimations for multiple layers
    • Use the block-based function in apply() to play cascaded animations.
    • Pause, resume or stop animations.
  • Animations with customized properties

Stroke Lines Move on Path Radar Circles

Rotate Polygons Jumping Ball

Animation with Sliders Drag Layers


Please see the examples in MasterViewController.swift.

let layer1 = self.addLinesLayer(view, points:[(10.0,20.0),(150.0,40.0),(120.0,320.0)])
layer1.strokeEndAnimation().apply() {

let la2 = self.addLinesLayer(view, points:points2, color: UIColor.blueColor()) lla2.scaleAnimation(from:1, to:1.1, repeatCount:3).apply(duration:0.3)

let la3 = self.addLinesLayer(view, points:points3, color: UIColor.greenColor()) la3.flashAnimation(repeatCount:6).apply()

let la4 = self.addLinesLayer(view, points:[(10.0,20.0), (150.0,40.0), (120.0,120.0)]) let a1 = la4.moveOnPathAnimation(path).setDuration(1.6) let a2 = la4.rotate360Degrees().setRepeatCount(2) animationGroup([a1, a2]).autoreverses().apply()

Help Wanted

All of this code is very much a work in progress. I'm adding and changing functionality as needed.

Your help wanted. Please fork this project and submit pull requests or issues.

Contributions are always welcome in the following areas:

  • Header doc comments explaining what the functions do
  • Useful animation template or application examples
  • Fix issues about animation, Swift usage rules or translations


ShapeAnimation-Swift is released under a BSD License. See LICENSE file for details.


  • Could not build Objective-C module 'ShapeAnimation':
    • Quit Xcode and delete the sub folders in ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/.

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