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Scripts and utlities that go with a deployment of Caffe as a cat detector

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Jetson cat chasing: Turn on the lawn sprinkler when a neural net sees a cat.

A collection of utilities useful for working with segmented images and the fcn variant of Caffe. See my page for a description of the system.

cat_sprinkler.cpp       Firmware for the photon

python: Counts classified pixels in a Pascal Context .mat file Coutns classified pixels in a Pascal Context .png file Gets the pallete from a .png file Show the last 10 shots from the camera at 1/2 res Masks out and colorizes the classified pixels in an image Convert a Pascal Context .mat file to .png Spin through a bunch of images on the command line Convert a Pascal Context .png file to .mat Resize an image Demo for how to change the segmentation in a file Overlays displays a base image with the semented pixels Sort a bunch of images into "yes" and "no" buckets Zip two directories together Zip a directory with a single file

scripts: Simple script to run fcn segmentations on files coming in from FTP Monitor an FTP directory The one I use spon Disable the sprinkler spoff Enable the sprinkler Start the sprinkler Stop the sprinkler

src: bright.cpp Brighten images cropper.cpp Crop images to 227 x 227 pixels example.cpp Simple GPU example used to debug opencv builds extract_fg.cpp Foreground extraction utility snapshots.cpp Convert a movie to single frames

fcn: Modified files from the Shellhammer github Saves a file in addition to processing a file Processes a bunch of files from the command line The one I use to process inbound cat images voc-fcn32s: deploy.prototxt A deployment version of trainval.prototxt

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