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A node.js chat application running on rethinkdb

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What is it

A fork of the node.js chat app by @orkj using, rethinkdb, passport and bcrypt on an express app.


This is an example application. Even though it shows an example of how to integrate Passport and bcrypt, you shouldn't assume it is free from security vulnerabilities. Have the code audited carefully by an expert before you put anything modeled on it into production.

Complete stack


git clone [email protected]:rethinkdb/rethinkdb-example-nodejs-chat.git
cd rethinkdb-example-nodejs-chat && npm install

Note: If you don't have RethinkDB installed, you can follow these instructions to get it up and running.

Running the application

Running the app is as simple as:

node app

Then open a browser: http://localhost:8000.

Note: If you want to override the default RethinkDB connection details, you can specify them as environment variables:

    : the RethinkDB host (default:
    : the port (default
  • RDB_DB
    : the app database (default:

If you want to enable logging for the database queries (see debug docs for more configuration options:

DEBUG=rdb:* node app


This demo application is licensed under the MIT license:

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