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ReScript's syntax as a standalone repo.

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ReScript Syntax Tests


This repo is the source of truth for the ReScript parser & printer. Issues go here.

You don't need this repo to use the ReScript syntax. This comes with ReScript >=8.1. This repo is for syntax developers.



A detailed discussion by Jonathan Blow and Casey Muratori on why you would hand-roll a parser for a production quality programming language Discussion: Making Programming Language Parsers, etc

"One reason why I switched off these parser tools is that the promises didn't really materialize. The amount of work that I had to do change a yacc script from one language to a variant of that language was more than if I hand wrote the code myself. " J. Blow.

Setup & Usage (For Repo Devs Only)

Required: - NodeJS - Ocaml 4.06.1 - OS: Mac

opam switch create 4.06.1 && eval $(opam env)
git clone
cd syntax
npm install
make # or: make -j9 for faster build

This will produce the final binary

used for testing.

First build is super slow because we're also building our vendored

(only used for the conversion tool). Subsequent builds should be <2s. If not, please file an issue (build speed is a priority).

We only build production binary, even in dev mode. No need for a separate dev binary when the build is fast enough. Plus, this encourages proper benchmarking of the (production) binary each diff.

After you make a change:


Run the core tests:

make test

Run the extended tests:

make roundtrip-test

Those will tell you whether you've got a test output difference. If it's intentional, check them in.

Debug a file: ```sh

write code in test.res

./lib/rescript.exe test.res # test printer ./lib/rescript.exe -print ast test.res # print ast ./lib/rescript.exe -print ml test.res # show ocaml code ./lib/rescript.exe -print res -width 80 test.res # test printer and change default print width ```


make bench

Enable stack trace: ```sh

Before you run the binary

export OCAMLRUNPARAM="b" ```

This is likely a known knowledge: add the above line into your shell rc file so that every shell startup you have OCaml stack trace enabled.

Development Docs

contains all the source code. Don't change folder structure without notice; ReScript uses this repo as a submodule and assumes

Error Reporting Logic

Right now, ReScript's compiler's error reporting mechanism, for architectural reasons, is independent from this syntax repo's error reporting mechanism. However, we do want a unified look when they report the errors in the terminal. This is currently achieved by (carefully...) duplicating the error report logic from the compiler repo to here (or vice-versa; either way, just keep them in sync). The files to sync are the compiler repo's and, into this repo's A few notes:

  • Some lines are lightly changed to fit this repo's needs; they're documented in the latter file.
  • Please keep these files lightweight and as dependency-less as possible, for easier syncing.
  • The syntax logic currently doesn't have warnings, only errors, and potentially more than one.
  • In the future, ideally, the error reporting logic would also be unified with GenType and Reanalyze's. It'd be painful to copy paste around all this reporting logic.
  • The errors are reported by the parser here.
  • Our editor plugin parses the error report from the compiler and from the syntax here.

Example File Conversion

In a random project of yours:

node_modules/.bin/bsrefmt --print=binary | your/path/to/rescript.exe -parse reasonBinary -print ns > myFile.res
node_modules/.bin/bsrefmt --print=binary --interface=true myFile.rei | your/path/to/rescript.exe -parse reasonBinary -print ns -interface > myFile.resi
mv # random backup name. Could be anything

Example API usage

module Parser = ResCore.Parser
module Diagnostics = ResCore.Diagnostics

let filename = "foo.res" let src = FS.readFile filename

let p = (* intended for ocaml compiler ) let mode = Parser.ParseForTypeChecker in ( if you want to target the printer use: let mode = Parser.Default in*) Parser.make ~mode src filename

let structure = ResParser.parseImplementation p let signature = ResParser.parseInterface p

let () = match p.Parser.diagnostics with | [] -> () (* no problems ) | diagnostics -> ( parser contains problems *) prerr_string ( Diagnostics.stringOfReport ~style:Diagnostics.Pretty diagnostics src )

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