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Listview with sticky headers like the Android contact page

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Listview with sticky headers like the Android contact page

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  new SideHeaderListView(
    // Set how many items the list has
    itemCount: items.length,

// Set the height of the item widgets. For now this has to be a fixed height
itemExtend: 150.0,

// Set the header builder, this needs to return the widget for the side header
headerBuilder: (BuildContext context, int index){
  return new HeaderWidget(items[index].startDate);

// Set the item builder, this is everything in the row without the header
itemBuilder: (BuildContext context, int index){
  return new ListItem(items[index]);

// HasSameHeader will be used to know whether the header has to be shown for a position 
hasSameHeader: (int a, int b){
  return items[a].day == items[b].day;


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