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simplistic presentation generator

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lagom create
and you have created a folder with a presentation in it.

Simplicity: one

, one slide.


lagom server
boots up your presentation in the browser. it comes with livereloading for easy edits.


lagom deploy
will inline all the content of the presentation into one single file, deploy it freely and anonymously on github and finally generate a short url.


  • 0 online dependencies: no more OMG!! moments because of bad wifi
  • live-reloading server
  • Presentation mode: just press p to initiate presentation mode
  • Speaker notes
  • Synced Aspect ratio
  • Synced mouse pointer
  • Mirrored highlighting

install lagom

yarn global add lagom # much faster
# or
npm install lagom -g --production


$ lagom
lagom create              create a new presentation
lagom server              start live-reloading server
lagom deploy    deploy presentation to a gist
lagom help                show this help

example presentations

These is a list of example presentations, please PR this readme if you'd like to add presentation you created.



  • tests (!)
  • iterate on the scss backend

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