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Be great at emacs in one year

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  • Master Emacs in One Year ** English version Guide on how to master Emacs in one year.

The critical question is whether one year is enough.

My answer is a big YES, if you know how to do it efficiently!

Here are the tips for your first year: - Set the standard to the highest - DON'T create your own setup - Report bugs to the master - DON'T learn Lisp - DON'T remember key bindings

Emacs Lisp has nothing to do with your IQ. So don't feel pressured to master it asap. As I have observed, most people (including me) dislike language with unfamiliar syntax. That's ok. Start from using Emacs, you will feel the love for Emacs, then comes the love for Lisp naturally.

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** 中文版本 (Chinese version) 关于如何在一年内成为高手的指导.


我建议一年内, - 标准要最高 - 不要从头创建自己的配置 - 给高手报告bug - 不要学习Lisp - 不要记快捷键



  • Practical guide to use Gnus with Gmail ** English version Gnus is the default Email client of Emacs. No technical details involved.

Click [[][HERE]] to read it. * Guide for developers Many tutorials teach you how to convert Emacs into a perfect IDE.

[[][This guide]] explains how to convert Emacs into a good IDE with minimum setup.

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