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h1. Xcode extensions for Cappuccino and Objective-J

Before you can use the following templates, you need to install the developer tools from "": or the "Cappuccino repository on GitHub":

h2. Installation

In order to use the extensions you have to copy the folders * File Templates * Project Templates * Specifications * Target Templates

to the following directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/

If you got rake installed, you can copy the files by running

rake install

h2. Custom Build Target Keys

| Key | Value | Default Values | | CAPPFRAMEWORKSPATH | Cappuccino frameworks folder | /usr/local/narwhal/packages/cappuccino/Frameworks | | CAPPBINPATH | Cappuccino binary folder | /usr/local/narwhal/packages/cappuccino/bin | | OBJJBINPATH | Objective-J binaries folder | /usr/local/narwhal/packages/objective-j/bin | | OBJJRUNTIMEPATH | Objective-J Frameworks folder| /usr/local/narwhal/packages/objective-j/Frameworks| | CUSTOM_FRAMEWORKS | whitespace separated list of files/folders that needs to be copied into the Project Frameworks folder | /MyFrameworks/CoreData /MoreFrameworks/LPKit | | BROWSERAPPNAME | Browser app bundle name | | | LINK_FRAMEWORKS | YES or NO | If YES the Frameworks will linked into your Project | | DEBUG | YES or NO | If YES copy just debug frameworks from capp and objj |

If your leave a value for key blank the build script search for the latest version on your local maschine, and hopefully with a result :-)

h2. Syntax Coloring

The syntax coloring has been taken from "araxara":

If you need the latest version check out * "": or * "":

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