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A curated list of awesome HBase projects and resources.

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Awesome HBase Awesome

A curated list of awesome HBase projects and resources.

HBase is a distributed, scalable, big data store.




  • asynchbase - Fully asynchronous, non-blocking HBase client.
  • gohbase - Pure Go client for HBase.
  • happybase - Python client for HBase.




  • Kite - High-level data layer for Hadoop/HBase.


  • HDocDB - HBase as a JSON document database.


  • DataNucleus - JPA persistence layer with support for HBase.
  • Gora - Persistence library for big data with support for HBase.
  • HEntityDB - HBase as an entity database.
  • Kundera - JPA client with support for HBase.


  • GeoMesa - Spatial-temporal database with support for Accumulo, HBase, Cassandra, and Kafka.


  • Gradoop - Research framework for scalable graph analytics built on Flink and HBase.
  • HGraphDB - HBase as a TinkerPop graph database.
  • JanusGraph - Scalable graph database with support for Cassandra, HBase, Google Cloud Bigtable, and BerkeleyDB.
  • NebulaGraph - A high performance distributed Graph database.
  • S2Graph - High-performance distributed graph database built on HBase.


  • AntsDB - AntsDB is a low latency, high concurrency, MySQL compliant SQL layer for HBase.
  • EsgynDB - Commercial SQL engine providing ACID transactions and BI analytics on top of Hadoop, based on Trafodian.
  • Kylin - Extreme OLAP engine for big data that stores data in HBase.
  • LeanXScale - Commercial full ACID full SQL product built on Hadoop/HBase.
  • Phoenix - SQL layer on top of HBase.
  • Splice Machine - Commercial RDBMS built on top of HBase.
  • Trafodian - Transactional SQL-on-Hadoop/HBase.

Time Series

  • Axibase - Distributed time series database built on HBase.
  • OpenTSDB - Scalable time series database built on HBase.
  • Warp 10 - Time series database for sensor data.


Secondary Indices


  • Haeinsa - Multi-row/multi-table transaction library for HBase.
  • HBase-QoD - Vector-field consistency for HBase fine-grained transactional inter-DC replication.
  • Omid - Transactional support for HBase.
  • Tephra - Globally consistent transactions on top of HBase.
  • Themis - Cross-row/cross-table transactions on HBase based on Google's Percolator.


  • Apex - Apex-HBase connector.
  • Beam - Beam HBase integration.
  • Camel - Camel HBase component.
  • Cascading - HBase adapters for Cascading.
  • Cascalog - Wrapper around Cascading.HBase for use in Cascalog.
  • Crunch - HBase adapters for Crunch.
  • Drill - HBase storage plugin for Drill.
  • Elasticsearch - Elasticsearch import river for HBase.
  • Flink - Flink-HBase connector.
  • Gearpump - Gearpump integration for HBase.
  • Giraph - Giraph input and output formats for HBase.
  • HAWQ - HAWQ PXF external tables on HBase.
  • Hive - Hive HBase integration.
  • Impala - Impala support for querying HBase tables.
  • Kafka - HBase Kafka proxy.
  • Pig - Pig HBase integration.
  • Pulsar - HBase connector for Pulsar.
  • Ranger - HBase plugin for Apache Ranger.
  • Spark - Spark-HBase connector.
  • Spring for Apache Hadoop - Spring-Hadoop integration, including HBase support.
  • Storm - Storm/Trident integration for HBase.
  • Tajo - Tajo integration with HBase.
  • Zeppelin - HBase shell interpreter for Apache Zeppelin.


  • Ambari - Software for provisioning, managing, and monitor Hadoop/HBase clusters.
  • Cloudera Manager - Tool for managing Hadoop/HBase in production.
  • DbSchema - Diagram-oriented database designer with support for HBase.
  • Hannibal - Tool to monitor and maintain HBase clusters.
  • h-rider - GUI for viewing and manipulating data in HBase.
  • Hue - Smart analytics workbench that includes an HBase browser.
  • Sematext SPM - Tool for monitoring HBase, HDFS, etc.


  • HubSpot HBase support - Configs and tools for HBase at HubSpot, including Hystrix integration and coprocessors.






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