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Version of Popcorn time for Samsung SmartTv

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Version of Popcorntime for Samsung SmartTv

This app now depends on Popcorntime-smarttv-server

Getting Started

How to deploy Popcorntime on your TV

  • You will need nodejs, npm and grunt-cli installed on your computer
  • run
    npm install
  • run
  • then run
    grunt deploy
  • If you see this message: "Please go to to test your popcorntime server." It means that it worked!
  • Set your network IP in the TV (the same IP that you obtained above)
  • Your TV is going to download your app
  • Start your popcorntime-smarttv-server
  • Open your TV app


  • [x] Better documentation for deploy/test/run
  • [x] Add i18n support
  • [x] Popcorntime code refactoring
  • [ ] Create an branch for a compiled version (soon)
  • [ ] Server code refactoring
  • [ ] Add Subtitles
  • [ ] Performance improvements
  • [ ] Auto/Manual node server selector using UI elements
  • [ ] Popcorntime bugfixes
  • [ ] Add back button
  • [ ] Remove animations

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