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Tools for color management in Mac OS X and iOS, supporting Adobe Swatch Exchange and NSColorList for...

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Mac OS X developer color tools

Small tools to import and export colors from the Mac OS X ColorPicker palettes (.CLR).

  • Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ASE) import and export.
  • Hex color list to system palette.
  • Simple UIColor category generation from color lists.
  • Color search&replace from .xib/.storyboard

You can find binaries of those tools in the Releases tab up there.

This is a desktop app that allows you to drop an ASE file on it and imports it into ColorPicker.


This is a command line tool that reads a Adobe Swatch Excahnge (ASE) file and outputs a .clr file that you can copy to your ~/Library/Colors directory and use from the standard ColorPicker (third tab, palette). It can also install it for you with

  • Supports RGB/CMYK and Gray colorspaces (Lab values will show black).
  • Right now it ignores groups in the ASE file.


Ase2Clr FileName.ase

Will produce

in the same path.
Ase2Clr FileName.ase -i

Will install the generated file in ~/Library/Colors. You might need to re-open the colorpicker for it to refresh the color lists.


This tool allows you to read a Clr file or a named ColorPicker palette and export an ASE file that you can load in Adobe Suite.

 Clr2Ase "Name of color list"

Will produce

Name of color list.ase


This tool reads a file containing a list of hex-coded colors and outputs a .clr file for ColorPicker or installs the list in the system color picker as a new palette.

The input format is #RRGGBB colors followed by their names, separated by a space, in separate lines:

#fa3ada Almost-Magenta
#cada32 Green-Mustard
#ff6347 Tomato

The usage is analog to Ase2Clr:

Html2Clr File.txt [-i]


This tool creates UIColor (iOS) categories from system colorlists (either installed or from a .clr file). Note that this tool is very basic. Duplication of methods is not checked, and only RGBA colors are generated.


Clr2Obj "Color List"|File.clr [CategoryName]


This is a python script to search and replace colors inside xib/storyboard files (only xml format).

BEWARE: This will overwrite the file! Back up your file first (or have it commited in version control).


xibcolor file [-l|replacements|["#fromcolor" "#tocolor"]]
  file          a .storyboard or xib in new XML format
  -l            list colors present in the file
  replacements  a file consisting of pairs of hex-coded from->to colors
  #color        a pair of colors to replace

(c) Ramon Poca 2014. MIT Licensed.

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