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Official mobile app for iOS and Android

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Contributors list iOS and Android app

Official iOS and Android client for This repository do not include any credentials or sensitive info.

I decided to open source it to be more transparent for users in terms of what app exactly do on your device, plus anyone could track development progress.

I am open to all kind of contributions. If you find a bug or have improvement feel free to submit issues or pull-requests! Would be great if you can help with resolving known issues and planned improvements described below.

App features:
  • One codebase for iOS and Android thanks to React Native
  • Truly native look and feel, including navigation and split-view on iPad
  • Share extension
  • Login in with Google, Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte
  • Themes support
  • Multilingual UI
Folders structure:
  • src
    • assets - static files
    • co - common React components
    • data - redux store (this code is also reused on Web app)
    • local - redux store specific to this app
    • modules - navigation, i18n, etc
    • screens


  1. Rename
  2. yarn
  3. react-native run-ios
    react-native run-android
  4. Create empty
  5. Optional: Create

Known issues

  • [ ] No momentum scroll on Android 9. This is React Native issue that not yet resolved

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