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Racket is a general-purpose programming language and an ecosystem for language-oriented programming.

This repository holds the source code for the core of Racket plus some related packages. The rest of the Racket distribution source code is in other repositories, mostly under the Racket GitHub organization.

Quick Start

Pre-built versions of Racket for a variety of operating systems and architectures, as well as convenient source distributions are available at


Racket comes with extensive documentation, including several tutorials. You can read all of this documentation, as well as documentation for third-party packages at


Building from Source

For information on building Racket from this repository, see the Build Guide.


Contribute to Racket by submitting a pull request, joining the development mailing list, or visiting the IRC or Slack channels.

By making a contribution, you are agreeing that your contribution is licensed under the LGPLv3, Apache 2.0, and MIT licenses. Those licenses are available in this repository in the files racket/src/LICENSE-LGPL.txt, racket/src/LICENSE-APACHE.txt, and racket/src/LICENSE-MIT.txt.

See the Racket Build Guide for more guidance on contributing.

The Friendly Environment Policy contains guidelines on expected behavior within the Racket community.


Racket is free software; see LICENSE for more details.

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