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A Zhihu Daily(http://daily.zhihu.com/) App client implemented using React Native (Android and iOS).

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Android Gems


The is a Zhihu Daily App client, implemented using React Native. This project can run on both Android and iOS, with more than 80% of code in common. This is a demo project to show how to develop a complete app with React Native. (The data api is from ZhihuDailyPurify)

How does it look like?

  • The home page

  • The drawer

  • The content page

How to run

  1. Prepare your environment: Requirements and Android Setup
  2. Clone this repo, and goto the project root directory
  3. run
    npm install
  4. run
    react-native run-android
  5. Enjoy

Related content

In this project, I used most of technology in React Native:

  • Flex Style
  • Direct Manipulation
  • Native UI Components
  • DrawerLayoutAndroid
  • Image/Text/ListView
  • TouchableHighlight/TouchableNativeFeedback
  • ToolbarAndroid/Navigator
  • StyleSheet/ToastAndroid/BackAndroid
  • Timers
  • AsyncStorage
  • Animations
  • Customize view
  • ...


  1. ~~Add local storage to cache data~~ (done)
  2. ~~Add List header banner~~ (done)
  3. ~~Add splash animation~~ (done)
  4. ~~Add swipe/pull to refresh~~ (done)
  5. ~~iOS compatible~~(done 80% of code in common)


This project is available under the MIT license.

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