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Ruby + Bot = Ruboty

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Ruby + Bot = Ruboty.


  • Ruby 2.2.2


Adapter hooks up ruboty to chat services.


Brain persists memories.


Handler provides various behaviors.

Other plugins are hosted on Rubygems.


Store configuration value in envorinment variables. They are easy to change between deploys without changing any code. We recommend to put

and run with
ruboty --dotenv
option to manage them .

All you need to use your favorite plugins is to write their names into Gemfile. Ruboty will load them before running.

# Gemfile
gem "ruboty-cron"
gem "ruboty-google_image"
gem "ruboty-redis"
gem "ruboty-slack"


DISABLE_DEFAULT_HANDLERS - Pass 1 to disable default handlers (default: nil)
LOG_LEVEL                - Log level for debug (default: 3)
RUBOTY_ENV               - Loaded gem group name (default: development)
RUBOTY_NAME              - Name to respond to mention (default: ruboty)


See r7kamura/ruboty-template for example.


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