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Archive for legacy qz-print versions (1.8, 1.9). See https://github.com/qzind/tray for modern versi...

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QZ Print

End Of Life Warning

For a modern version of QZ Print, please visit the new and improved 2.0 branch here: https://github.com/qzind/tray

QZ Print was a Java applet which sent raw commands to the printer using JavaScript and NPAPI/ActiveX LiveConnect calls. Due to the deprecation of NPAPI in Chrome (2015) and Firefox (2017), QZ Tray was born as a wrapper around the obsolete LiveConnect calls.

QZ Tray's codebase was inhibited by the LiveConnect API and a brand new API was written to support modern, asynronous technologies, such as JavaScript Promises, Node.js, etc.

The 1.9 branch will become End Of Life January 1, 2017. Until that time, the branch will only receive critical patches and updates.

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