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A quran reading application for iOS written in Swift

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Quran - by - قرآن

This is a simple (madani based) quran app for iOS (iPhone/iPad).


We decided to close source the full app code due to multiple incidents of publishing the app code as it is without any -even minor- changes on the app store (to the extent that some use our screenshots). Other incidents include selling the source code online to take advantage of innocent people who are unaware of this open source project.

We currently thinking of splitting up the app into modules and open source individual modules. People can use these modules in their existing Islamic apps to add Quran reading functionalities or create a full Quran reading app. We don't have a timeline on when this is going to be released.

In the mean time, you can use this repo to file issues and we will do our best to address them inshaa'Allah.

Beta Testing

It would be great if you could send an e-mail to [email protected] then we will notify you for beta builds and you can then help us find bugs before going live.

Setting up the iOS Project

  1. Install Cocoapods.

  2. Xcode 9.0 (with Swift 4.0).

  3. Download the Quran-iOS project source. You can do this either by forking and cloning the repository (recommended if you plan on pushing changes) or by downloading it as a ZIP file and extracting it.

  4. Open

    from the folder.
  5. Build the project (⌘+B) and check for any errors.

  6. Run the app (⌘+R).and test it.


Please read Contributions page.


  • Quran - by - قرآن is available under the GPLv3 license. See the LICENSE file for more info.
  • Madani images from quran images project on github.
  • Translation, tafsir and Arabic data come from tanzil and King Saud University.

Please do not rebuild the app and push it to the app store - please contribute your fixes to this project instead.

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