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A curated list about Python in Education :snake: :mortar_board:

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A curated list of resources about Python in Education

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Interactive environments


Introductions and Tutorials

Data Science

Exercises and Games

Reference and forums

Python suitability for education


Mailing lists


Tools and Libraries

Games, graphics and simulation

  • Jupylet - Create 2D and 3D games, graphics, live music and sound synthesizers, interactively in a Jupyter notebook.
  • PyGame
  • Pygame Zero for creating games without boilerplate
  • Python Arcade Library
  • Pyglet - a pure python cross-platform application framework intended for game development
  • Python Mode for Processing
  • PythonTurtle - A learning environment for Python programming suitable for beginners and children, inspired by Logo. Easy installer for Windows so it could be installed by children on computers without internet access.
  • A Simple Tutorial for Python's Module
  • VPython - 3D programming
  • Pymunk - 2D physics library
  • PyPhysicsSandbox - a simple wrapper around Pymunk
  • Kivy - innovative user interfaces, such as multi-touch apps
  • PyQT 15 minute apps - 15 minute (small) desktop apps built with PyQt
  • PyQt5 tutorial - Create GUI applications with Python
  • Panda3D - game engine and framework for 3D rendering
  • Ursina Engine - game engine based on Panda3D but really easy-to-use. Great for beginners in 3D game coding.
  • gui zero - to allow children to quickly and easily create GUIs for their programs
  • Free Python Games - collection of free Python games intended for education and fun
  • Angry Birds in Python - using pygame and pymunk
  • Jappy - the app powering the collaborative coding platform
  • Predigame - instructional platform that teaches the basics of coding through the creation of arcade games
  • ThorPy - A GUI library for pygame
  • sc8pr - A simple framework for new and experienced Python programmers to create animations, games, and other graphics-based programs
  • pyxel - A retro game development environment in Python.
  • PySimpleGUI - Super-simple GUI to use... Powerfully customizable.
  • evennia - library and toolkit for building multi-player online text games
  • adventurelib - easy text adventures
  • PythonStdioGames - A compilation of text-based games written in Python that only use "standard i/o".
  • PyperCard - HyperCard inspired GUI framework for beginner developers in Python (doc site)
  • PyComic - A static website for generating Pythonic comics


  • Bokeh - an interactive visualization library that targets modern web browsers for presentation.
  • VisPy - library for interactive scientific visualization that is designed to be fast, scalable, and easy to use.
  • Python Graph Gallery - showcase hundreds of charts, always providing the reproducible python code.


Hosted Jupyter notebooks

Jupyter Tools

  • RISE - "Live" Reveal.js Jupyter/IPython Slideshow Extension
  • fastpages - static/JAMstack blogging platform with support for Jupyter notebooks
  • hugo-academic - static/JAMstack website builder with support for Jupyter notebooks
  • ipytest - run py.test tests within the notebook environment
  • jupyter-contrib-nbextensions - Unofficial Jupyter Notebook Extensions
  • jupyter-edx-colab-cloud-xblock - launch Google Colab notebooks from within an Open edX XBlock
  • jupyter-edx-grader-xblock - auto-grade assignments with nbgrader and post the scores to an Open edX gradebook
  • jupyter-themes - Custom Jupyter Notebook Themes
  • jupyter-viewer-xblock - view Jupyter notebooks in an Open edX XBlock
  • jupytext - Jupyter Notebooks as Markdown, Julia, Python, or R scripts (that [auto-]save to and from the configured paired formats)
  • lolviz - data-structure visualization tool for lists of lists, lists, dictionaries
  • nbTranslate - translate cells of a notebook from one language to another - Adds multi language support
  • nbautoeval - creating auto-evaluated exercises
  • nbconvert - convert Notebooks to other formats
  • nbdev - export, sync, and document notebook cells to and from regular python modules
  • nbdime - diffing and merging of Jupyter Notebooks
  • nbgallery - platform for sharing and collaborating on Jupyter notebooks
  • nbinteract - creates interactive webpages from Jupyter notebooks
  • nbscan - search for and print contents of cells in Jupyter notebooks
  • nbsphinx - Sphinx extension for publishing Jupyter Notebooks as static/JAMstack websites
  • nbtranslate - translate content of Jupyter notebook using gettext tools
  • nbtutor - visualize Python code execution (line-by-line)
  • nbval - Py.test plugin for validating Jupyter notebooks
  • notedown - Convert IPython Notebooks to markdown (and back)
  • pixiedebugger - The Visual Python Debugger for Jupyter Notebooks You’ve Always Wanted
  • pynb - Jupyter Notebooks as plain Python code with embedded Markdown text
  • rst2ipynb - convert standalone reStructuredText files to Jupyter notebook file
  • sphinxcontrib-jupyter - A Sphinx Extension for Generating Jupyter Notebooks

Jupyter resources



  • pdb
  • ipdb
  • PuDB
  • pdb++ - a drop-in replacement for pdb
  • Python Linter Online - Live Syntax Checking Using Pylint while Running Python
  • PyTA - static code analysis to help students find and fix common coding errors
  • coala - linting and fixing code
  • wdb - An improbable web debugger through WebSockets
  • QuantifiedCode - a code analyis & automation platform
  • birdseye - graphical Python debugger using the AST
  • Hunter - a flexible code tracing toolkit

Conferences and videos


Coding Club books

Green Tea Press

Invent with Python series

Manning Publications

No Starch Press


Packt Pub


Raspberry Pi


BBC microbit



Adafruit CircuitPython

  • CircuitPython - a MicroPython fork for teaching coding with microcontrollers
  • Awesome CircuitPython - A curated list of awesome CircuitPython guides, videos, libraries, frameworks, software and resources.



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