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Julia bindings to Vega-Lite

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Julia bindings to Vega-Lite

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VegaLite.jl is a plotting package for the julia programming language. The package is based on Vega-Lite, which extends a traditional grammar of graphics API into a grammar of interactive graphics.

Additionally, VegaLite.jl provides basic support for Vega.

VegaLite.jl allows you to create a wide range of statistical plots. It exposes the full functionality of the underlying Vega-Lite and is at the same time tightly integrated into the julia ecosystem. Here is an example of a scatter plot:

using VegaLite, VegaDatasets

dataset("cars") |> @vlplot( :point, x=:Horsepower, y=:Miles_per_Gallon, color=:Origin, width=400, height=400 )



To install VegaLite.jl, run the following command in the julia Pkg REPL-mode:

(v1.0) pkg> add VegaLite


The current documentation can be found here.

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