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CLI tool to generate all the icons and splashscreens for your Quasar Apps

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Quasar Framework Icon Genie

A Quasar tool for generating all your Quasar App's icons and splashscreens

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What is Icon Genie

This node module outputs a set of SQUARE favicons, webicons, pwa-icons and electron-icons as well as iOS, Windows Store and MacOS icons from an original 1240x1240 square icon that retains transparency and also minifies the assets. It will also create splash screens for Cordova/Capacitor and even a minified svg.

It works cross-platform to generate those pesky

files used by Electron apps and in the case of the latter preferred by some browsers and webscrapers (favicon.ico) - even though modern development guidelines for Apple and Windows recommend using

It has two primary interfaces (with Quasar CTX and as a standalone CLI) and although it is built for the Quasar Framework, it should work anywhere you can run node. You can even import it and use it in your own pipelines if that's your thing. It is designed to be a very useful tool that you will be glad to have lying around.

You MUST use PNG. If you use a source image that is smaller than 1240x1240 some icons will be naively upscaled. If you do not use a square original, it will be cropped square from the center using the smaller dimension as width and height - but will never upscale - which can potentially result in non-square results. You have been warned.

A final note: You should always pad your icon design with about 1% of empty space. This is because you will lose aliasing resolution when downscaling, which means at smaller sizes your round icon (if it doesn't have padding) will seem to have flattened top, bottom, left and right sides.

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