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Visualise your Kedro data pipelines.

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Kedro-Viz Pipeline Visualisation

Data Science Pipelines. Beautifully Designed
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Kedro-Viz is an interactive development tool for building data science pipelines with Kedro.


  • ✨ Complete visualisation of a Kedro project and its pipelines
  • 🎨 Supports light & dark themes out of the box
  • 🚀 Scales to big pipelines with hundreds of nodes
  • 🔎 Highly interactive, filterable and searchable
  • 🔬 Focus mode for modular pipeline visualisation
  • 📊 Rich metadata side panel to display parameters, plots, etc.
  • ♻️ Autoreload on code change
  • 🎩 Many more to come


There are two ways you can use Kedro-Viz:

  • As a Kedro plugin (the most common way).

    To install Kedro-Viz as a Kedro plugin:

    pip install kedro-viz
  • As a standalone React component (for embedding Kedro-Viz in your web application).

To install the standalone React component:

npm install @quantumblack/kedro-viz


As a Kedro plugin

To launch Kedro-Viz from the command line as a Kedro plugin, use the following command from the root folder of your Kedro project:

kedro viz

A browser tab opens automatically to serve the visualisation at

Kedro-Viz also supports the following additional arguments on the command line:

Usage: kedro viz [OPTIONS]

Visualise a Kedro pipeline using Kedro-Viz.

Options: --host TEXT Host that viz will listen to. Defaults to localhost.

--port INTEGER TCP port that viz will listen to. Defaults to 4141.

--browser / --no-browser Whether to open viz interface in the default browser or not. Browser will only be opened if host is localhost. Defaults to True.

--load-file FILE Path to load the pipeline JSON file --save-file FILE Path to save the pipeline JSON file --pipeline TEXT Name of the registered pipeline to visualise. If not set, the default pipeline is visualised

-e, --env TEXT Kedro configuration environment. If not specified, catalog config in local will be used

--autoreload Autoreload viz server when a Python or YAML file change in the Kedro project

-h, --help Show this message and exit.

As a standalone React component

To use Kedro-Viz as a standalone React component, import the component and supply a data JSON as prop:

import KedroViz from '@quantumblack/kedro-viz';

const MyApp = () => ;

The JSON can be obtained by running:

kedro viz --save-file=filename.json

Feature Flags

Kedro-Viz uses features flags to roll out some experimental features. The following flags are currently in use:

| Flag | Description | |------| ------------| | sizewarning | From release v3.9.1. Show a warning before rendering very large graphs (default

) |

To enable or disable a flag, click on the settings icon in the toolbar and toggle the flag on/off.

Kedro-Viz also logs a message in your browser's developer console to show the available flags and their values as currently set on your machine.


Kedro-Viz is maintained by the product team from QuantumBlack and a number of contributors from across the world.


If you want to contribute to Kedro-Viz, please check out our contributing guide.


Kedro-Viz is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


If you're an academic, Kedro-Viz can also help you, for example, as a tool to visualise how your publication's pipeline is structured. Find our citation reference on Zenodo.

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