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Social LSTM implementation in PyTorch

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Social LSTM implementation in PyTorch

Project details

Semester project of Master of Computer Science in EPFL
Student name : Baran Nama
Advisor: Alexandre Alahi
Presentation :

Implementation details

Baseline implementation:
Detailed info about challange and datasets: Made improvements: Please see attached presentation


  • : Python script for generating artifical datasets
  • Python script includes various helper methods
  • Pyton script for random best parameter selection for a model
  • Bash script for creation of file structure
  • Python file includes Social LSTM model definition
  • Python file includes Occupancy LSTM model definition
  • Python script for training Occupancy LSTM model
  • Python script for model testing and getting output txt file for submission
  • Python script for training Social LSTM model
  • Python script for handling input train/test/validation data and batching it
  • Python script for externally evaluate a trained model by getting validation error
  • Python script for visualizing predicted trajectories during train/test/validation sessions
  • Python file includes Vanilla LSTM model definition
  • vlstm_train: Python script for training Vanilla LSTM model

How to deploy

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Start train a model >>> python train/olstm_train/ - -[Parameter set]
  3. If necesarry file structure is not exist (which is the initial situation), train script will run and this command will automatically create file structure
  4. Enjoy!


| Model name | Avarage error | Final error | Mean error | | :---: | :---: | :---: | :---: | | Social LSTM | 1.3865 | 2.098 | 0.675 | | Occupancy LSTM | 2.1105 | 3.12 | 1.101 | | Vanilla LSTM | 2.107 | 3.114 | 1.1 |


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