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Scrap records your screen! At least it does if you're on Windows, macOS, or Linux.


scrap = "0.5"

Its API is as simple as it gets!

struct Display; /// A screen.
struct Frame; /// An array of the pixels that were on-screen.
struct Capturer; /// A recording instance.

impl Capturer { /// Begin recording. pub fn new(display: Display) -> io::Result;

/// Try to get a frame.
/// Returns WouldBlock if it's not ready yet.
pub fn frame(&amp;'a mut self) -&gt; io::Result<frame>&gt;;

pub fn width(&amp;self) -&gt; usize;
pub fn height(&amp;self) -&gt; usize;


impl Display { /// The primary screen. pub fn primary() -> io::Result;

/// All the screens.
pub fn all() -&gt; io::Result<vec>&gt;;

pub fn width(&amp;self) -&gt; usize;
pub fn height(&amp;self) -&gt; usize;


impl ops::Deref for Frame { /// A frame is just an array of bytes. type Target = [u8]; }

The Frame Format

  • The frame format is guaranteed to be packed BGRA.
  • The width and height are guaranteed to remain constant.
  • The stride might be greater than the width, and it may also vary between frames.

System Requirements


Minimum Requirements
macOS macOS 10.8
Linux XCB + SHM + RandR
Windows DirectX 11.1

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