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This directory contains the Qt3D project for Qt5: * Qt3D QML bindings and * Qt3D C++ APIs

Building Qt3D

Qt5 is a rapidly changing bleeding edge environment. This branch is our initial support for it and thus is also rapidly changing and bleeding edge.

This branch is experimental, and unsupported. This information is provided for advanced use only.

No guarantees about API stability or even if this works at all are supplied, use at your own risk.

First fetch the Qt5 source tree and Qt3D master branch:

cd ~/depot
git clone ssh://
cd qt5
./init-repository --codereview-username  \
git submodule foreach "git fetch gerrit && git reset --hard gerrit/master"
cd qt3d
scp -p -P 29418 .git/hooks/
git fetch gerrit
git checkout --track -b master gerrit/master

If you are reading this file then somehow you probably already got this far anyway.

Now build Qt5, which will also build Qt3D as a module:

cd ~/build
mkdir qt5
cd qt5
~/depot/qt5/configure -developer-build -opensource -confirm-license -no-webkit -no-phonon -nomake tests \
    -nomake examples -declarative -opengl -svg && make -j 4

What's in Qt3D

Directory structure:

src/threed/ This is the main library of the Qt3D project, containing abstractions for cross-platform GL, shaders, lighting models, and so on. src/plugins/ Scene format loading plugins. src/imports/ QML import plugins. util/ Various utilities that are useful when working with Qt3D. examples/ Some examples of using Qt3D QML bindings and Qt3D C++ API. demos/ Some more complex demos of using Qt3D QML bindings and Qt3D C++ API. tests/auto/qml3d/ Unit tests for the QML bindings. tests/auto/threed/ Unit tests for the C++ API doc/ Documentation. devices/symbian/ Symbian deployment file


The documentation can be generated with "make docs". It will be placed into "doc/html" in the build directory.


This section is only for those developing Qt3D. Read on to discover how the building of packages works. This section is also important if you want to change how the structure of the Qt3D pro files work.

To build Qt3D, run:

qmake && make

The .pro files will cause the toolchain to place the libraries, QML files and meshes of Qt3D directly into place, as part of the compile process. The files go into the bin/ directory, and the executables can be run directly from there. If you are doing a developer build, plugins will be installed in such a way that Qt will find them.

After building the tree the install step is invoked using the INSTALL_ROOT environment export to cause the installation rules to place all the files into a sandboxed install tree, ready for packaging:

INSTALL_ROOT=tmp make install


Some examples require assimp library to parse the content. Go to and build and install the assimp library. Then configure Qt3D to include assimp and run qmake && make.

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