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📱 A web-based, wall-mountable command center for Home Assistant.

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Home Assistant Command Center (HACC)

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A web-based, wall-mountable command center for Home Assistant.


View more screenshots below.


  • Point-and-click admin interface for configuring tiles, layout, themes, and more
  • Drag and drop layout editor
  • Dashboard updates via JavaScript (no page reloading)

Tile Types

Home Assistant


Display the state of any entity.

Switch and Light

Display a switch, group, or light with an icon. Tap to toggle it on/off.


Display a user's current location (zone name) and profile picture, if set.


Display a camera feed from a connected compatible camera. Customize the way the feed is displayed on the dashboard.


Display current weather information (temperature, high/low, conditions, rain, and wind. (For best results, enable the Dark Sky component for use with this tile.)


Start a scene in Home Assistant with a custom icon and label.


Pull Google Calendar information and display the next n events on your dashboard.

Coming Soon

  • Support for multiple pages and navigation
  • Support for additional HA entity types
  • Additional weather attributes (humidity, forecast, etc)
  • Theme browser


HACC is an ASP.NET Core 3.1 LTS project. Therefore, it should be able to run on any environment that supports the ASP.NET 3.1 Runtime (Windows, Linux, macOS, ARM64, anything really).

Via Docker

Note: At this time, only Docker in Linux mode is supported. Docker in Windows mode is coming soon.

A public Docker image is published for this project: qjake/hacc

docker pull qjake/hacc
docker run -p 8095:8095 qjake/hacc

Your HACC instance will be available at: http://localhost:8095/


Download, build, and publish the project. Then deploy it to a server or into IIS.


Editing Themes


Editing Tile Layout


Browsing Tiles


New Tile Selection



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