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Easy and elegant parser combinators for Python. With awesome docs.

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Parsy is an easy way to combine simple, small parsers into complex, larger parsers. If it means anything to you, it's a monadic parser combinator library for LL(infinity) grammars in the spirit of

, and
_. But don't worry, it has really good documentation and it doesn't say things like that!

Parsy requires Python 3.5 or greater (and may work on earlier version of Python 3)


  • Documentation 
  • History and changelog 
  • PyPI 

To contribute, please create a fork and submit a pull request on GitHub, after checking the "contributing" section of the docs. Thanks!

If you like parsy and think it should be better known, you could:

  • Star this project on GitHub.
  • Vote 
    _ for it being included on awesome-python.

Parsy was originally written by

Jeanine Adkisson 
_, with contributions by other people as can be found in the git commit history.

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