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Amazon Employee Access Challenge

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Amazon Employee Access Challenge

This code was written by Paul Duan ([email protected]) and Benjamin Solecki ([email protected]). It provides our winning solution to the Amazon Employee Access Challenge. Our code is currently not merged. You'll find Benjamin's code in the BSMan/ folder, which needs to be run separately.


[python] [-h] [-d] [-i ITER] [-f OUTPUTFILE] [-g] [-m] [-n] [-s] [-v] [-w]

Parameters for the script.

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -d, --diagnostics Compute diagnostics. -i ITER, --iter ITER Number of iterations for averaging. -f OUTPUTFILE, --outputfile OUTPUTFILE Name of the file where predictions are saved. -g, --grid-search Use grid search to find best parameters. -m, --model-selection Use model selection. -n, --no-cache Use cache. -s, --stack Use stacking. -v, --verbose Show computation steps. -w, --fwls Use metafeatures.

To directly generate predictions on the test set without computing CV metrics, simply run:

python -i0 -f[output_filename]

This script will launch Paul's model, which incorporates some of Benjamin's features. Benjamin's model is in the BSMan folder and can be run this way:

(in BSMan/)
[python] log 75

The output of our models is then combined by simple standardization then weighted averaging, using 2/3 Paul's model and 1/3 Benjamin's.


This code requires Python, numpy/scipy, scikit-learn, and pandas for some of the external code (this dependency will be removed in the future).
It has been tested under Mac OS X with Python v.7.x, scikit-learn 0.13, numpy 0.17, and pandas 0.11.


This content is released under the MIT Licence.

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