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Python-based API-Wrapper to access Scopus

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Access Elsevier Scopus's API from Python on a large scale.



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.. example-begin .. code:: python

>>> # Document-specific information
>>> from pybliometrics.scopus import AbstractRetrieval
>>> ab = AbstractRetrieval("10.1016/j.softx.2019.100263")
>>> ab.title
'pybliometrics: Scriptable bibliometrics using a Python interface to Scopus'
>>> ab.publicationName
>>> ab.authors
[Author(auid=57209617104, indexed_name='Rose M.E.', surname='Rose',
 given_name='Michael E.', affiliation='60105007'),
 Author(auid=7004212771, indexed_name='Kitchin J.R.', surname='Kitchin',
 given_name='John R.', affiliation='60027950')]
>>> # Author-specific information
>>> from pybliometrics.scopus import AuthorRetrieval
>>> au2 = AuthorRetrieval(ab.authors[1].auid)
>>> au2.h_index
>>> au1 = AuthorRetrieval(ab.authors[0].auid)
>>> au1.affiliation_current
[Affiliation(id=60105007, parent=None, type='parent', relationship='author',
 afdispname=None, preferred_name='Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition',
 parent_preferred_name=None, country_code='deu', country='Germany',
 address_part='Marstallplatz 1', city='Munich', state='Bayern',
 postal_code='80539', org_domain='', org_URL='')]
>>> # Affiliation information
>>> from pybliometrics.scopus import AffiliationRetrieval
>>> aff1 = AffiliationRetrieval(au1.affiliation_current[0].id)
>>> aff1.author_count

.. example-end


.. installation-begin

Install the stable version from PyPI:

.. code-block:: bash

pip install pybliometrics

or the development version from the GitHub repository (requires git on your system):

.. code-block:: bash

pip install git+

.. installation-end


If pybliometrics helped you getting data for research, please cite our corresponding paper:

  • Rose, Michael E. and John R. Kitchin: "
    pybliometrics: Scriptable bibliometrics using a Python interface to Scopus <.>
    _", SoftwareX 10 (2019) 100263.

Citing the paper helps the development of pybliometrics, because it justifies funneling resources into the development. It also signals that you obtained data from Scopus in a transparent and replicable way.

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