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MongoDB ORM that includes support for references,embed and multilevel inheritance.

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Mongodm is a MongoDB ORM that includes support for references,embed and even multilevel inheritance.


  • ORM
  • Simple and flexible
  • Support for embed
  • Support for references (lazy loaded)
  • Support for multilevel inheritance
  • Support for local collection operations


  • PHP 5.3 or greater (Tested for 5.5,5.6,7.0,7.1)
  • Mongodb 1.3 or greater
  • PHP Mongo extension


1. Setup in composer.json:

        "require": {
            "purekid/mongodm": "dev-master"

2. Install by composer:

$ php composer.phar update

Setup Database

Database config file (By default it locates at /vendor/purekid/mongodm/config.php)

    return array(
        'default' => array(
            'connection' => array(
                'hostnames' => 'localhost',
                'database'  => 'default',
    //          'username'  => '',
    //          'password'  => '',
        'production' => array(
            'connection' => array(
                'hostnames' => 'localhost',
                'database'  => 'production',
                'options' => array('replicaSet' => 'rs0')


Authentication information is passed in via the options array. If you do not specifiy authSource, then the PHP Mongo Driver will choose the "admin" database.

$config =  array( 'connection' => array(
      'hostnames' => ':',
      'database'  => '',
      'options'  => [ "connectTimeoutMS" => 500 , "username" => "admin", "password" => "", "authSource" => "admin"] )

Setup database in application

1.You can set up configuration using the

\Purekid\Mongodm\MongoDB::setConfigBlock('default', array(
    'connection' => array(
        'hostnames' => 'localhost',
        'database'  => 'default',
        'options'  => array()

// \Purekid\Mongodm\MongoDB::setConfigBlock('auth', array( 'connection' => array( 'hostnames' => 'localhost', 'database' => 'authDB', 'options' => array() ) ));

2.Or you can duplicate a config file into your project, then define a global constanct 'MONGODM_CONFIG' with it's location.

//in a global initialization place


Choose config section with APPLICATION_ENV

Which config section Mongodm use ? Mongodm choose 'default' section by default.

You have two ways to specify section :

1.'$config' attribute in Model , you can find this attribute in example below.

2.With environment constanct 'APPLICATION_ENV' ,this constanct can be set by webserver,your code or shell environment. In this case,you should set $config='default' or don't declare $config in your own model class.

Create a model and enjoy it

    use Purekid\Mongodm\Model;

class User extends Model 

    static $collection = "user";

    /** use specific config section **/
    public static $config = 'testing';

    /** specific definition for attributes, not necessary! **/
    protected static $attrs = array(

         // 1 to 1 reference
        'book_fav' => array('model'=>'Purekid\Mongodm\Test\Model\Book','type'=> Model::DATA_TYPE_REFERENCE),
         // 1 to many references
        'books' => array('model'=>'Purekid\Mongodm\Test\Model\Book','type'=> Model::DATA_TYPE_REFERENCES),
        // you can define default value for attribute
        'age' => array('default'=>16,'type'=> Model::DATA_TYPE_INTEGER),
        'money' => array('default'=>20.0,'type'=> Model::DATA_TYPE_DOUBLE),
        'hobbies' => array('default'=>array('love'),'type'=> Model::DATA_TYPE_ARRAY),
        'born_time' => array('type'=> Model::DATA_TYPE_TIMESTAMP),
        'family'=>array('type'=> Model::DATA_TYPE_OBJECT),
        'pet_fav' => array('model'=>'Purekid\Mongodm\Test\Model\Pet','type'=> Model::DATA_TYPE_EMBED),
        'pets' => array('model'=>'Purekid\Mongodm\Test\Model\Pet','type'=> Model::DATA_TYPE_EMBEDS),


    public function setFirstName($name) {
        $name = ucfirst(strtolower($name));
        $this->__setter('firstName', $name);

    public function getLastName($name) {
        $name = $this->__getter('name');
        return strtoupper($name);


Types supported for model attributes

    'mixed',  // mixed type 
    'reference',  // 1 : 1 reference
    'references', // 1 : many references
    'int',  // alias of 'integer'
    'double',     // float 
    'timestamp',  // store as MongoTimestamp in Mongodb
    'date',  // store as DateTime
    'boolean',    // true or false

const DATA_TYPE_ARRAY      = 'array';

const DATA_TYPE_BOOL       = 'bool';
const DATA_TYPE_BOOLEAN    = 'boolean';

const DATA_TYPE_DATE       = 'date';

const DATA_TYPE_DBL        = 'dbl';
const DATA_TYPE_DOUBLE     = 'double';
const DATA_TYPE_FLT        = 'flt';
const DATA_TYPE_FLOAT      = 'float';

const DATA_TYPE_EMBED      = 'embed';
const DATA_TYPE_EMBEDS     = 'embeds';

const DATA_TYPE_INT        = 'int';
const DATA_TYPE_INTEGER    = 'integer';

const DATA_TYPE_MIXED      = 'mixed';

const DATA_TYPE_REFERENCE  = 'reference';
const DATA_TYPE_REFERENCES = 'references';

const DATA_TYPE_STR        = 'str';
const DATA_TYPE_STRING     = 'string';

const DATA_TYPE_TIMESTAMP  = 'timestamp';

const DATA_TYPE_OBJ        = 'obj';
const DATA_TYPE_OBJECT     = 'object';

If you put a object instance into a Model attribute and this attribute is undefined in $attrs of Model class,the data of attribute will be omitted when Model saving.

    $object = new \stdClass();  
    $object->name = 'ooobject';

$user = new User();
$user->name = 'michael';
$user->myobject = $object;    // this attribute will be omitted when saving to DB 

Model CRUD


    $user = new User();
    $user->name = "Michael";
    $user->age = 18;

Create with initial value

    $user = new User( array('name'=>"John") );
    $user->age = 20;

Create using set method

    $user->setLastName('Jones'); // Alias of $user->lastName = 'Jones';
    $user->setFirstName('John'); // Implements setFirstName() method

Set and get values

You can set/get values via variable

$user->name = "John"
or by method

Set using variable or method ```php // no "set" method exists $user->lastName = 'Jones'; $user->setLastName('Jones');

// "set" method exists implements setFirstName()
$user->firstName = 'jOhn'; // "John"
$user->setFirstName('jOhn'); // "John"
Get using variable or method
    // "get" method exists implements getLastName()
    print $user->lastName; // "JONES"
    print $user->getLastName(); // "JONES"

// no "get" method
print $user->firstName; // "John"
print $user->setFirstName('John'); // "John"


    $user->age = 19;

Update attributes by array

    $user->update( array('age'=>18,'hobbies'=>array('music','game') ) ); 
Unset attributes
    $user->unset( array('age','hobbies') );

Retrieve single record

    $user = User::one( array('name'=>"michael" ) );

retrieve one record by MongoId

    $id = "517c850641da6da0ab000004";
    $id = new \MongoId('517c850641da6da0ab000004'); //another way
    $user = User::id( $id );

Retrieve records

Retrieve records that name is 'Michael' and acount of owned books equals 2

    $params = array( 'name'=>'Michael','books'=>array('$size'=>2) );
    $users = User::find($params);     // $users is instance of Collection
    echo $users->count();

Retrieve all records

    $users = User::all();

Count records

    $count = User::count(array('age'=>16));

Delete record

    $user = User::one();

Relationship - Reference

Lazyload a 1:1 relationship record

    $book = new Book();
    $book->name = "My Love";
    $book->price = 15;

// !!!remember you must save book before!!!
$user->book_fav = $book;

// now you can do this
$user = User::one( array('name'=>"michael" ) );
echo $user->book_fav->name;

Lazyload 1:many relationship records

    $user = User::one();
    $id = $user->getId();

$book1 = new Book();
$book1->name = "book1";

$book2 = new Book();
$book2->name = "book2";

$user->books = array($book1,$book2);
//also you can
$user->books = Collection::make(array($book1,$book2));

//somewhere , load these books
$user = User::id($id);
$books = $user->books;      // $books is a instance of Collection

Relationship - Embed

Single Embed

    $pet = new Pet();
    $pet->name = "putty";

$user->pet_fav = $pet;

// now you can do this
$user = User::one( array('name'=>"michael" ) );
echo $user->pet_fav->name;


    $user = User::one();
    $id = $user->getId();

$pet_dog = new Pet();
$pet_dog->name = "puppy";

$pet_cat = new Pet();
$pet_cat->name = "kitty";

$user->pets = array($pet_cat,$pet_dog);
//also you can
$user->pets = Collection::make(array($pet_cat,$pet_dog));

$user = User::id($id);
$pets = $user->pets;     


$users is instance of Collection

    $users = User::find(  array( 'name'=>'Michael','books'=>array('$size'=>2) ) );    
    $users_other = User::find(  array( 'name'=>'John','books'=>array('$size'=>2) ) );   
    $users->save() ;  // foreach($users as $user) { $user->save(); }
    $users->delete() ;  // foreach($users as $user) { $user->delete(); }
foreach($users as $user) { }
// OR use Closure 




//sort by age desc $users->sortBy(function($user){ return $user->age; });

//sort by name asc
    return $user->name;
} , true);

//reverse collection items

Slice and Take

Map ```php
$func = function($user){ if( $user->age >= 18 ){ $user->is_adult = true; } return $user; };
    $func = function($user){
                if( $user->age >= 18 ){
                    return true;

$adults = $users->filter($func); // $adults is a new collection

Determine a record exists in the collection by object instance
$john = User::one(array("name"=>"John"));

Determine a record exists in the collection by numeric index    

Determine a record exists in the collection by MongoID

Get a record by numeric index
Get a record by MongoID
Remove a record by numeric index
Remove a record by MongoID
Add a single record to collection
    $bob = new User( array("name"=>"Bob"));
Add records to collection ```php
$bob = new User( array("name"=>"Bob")); $bob->save(); $lisa = new User( array("name"=>"Lisa")); $lisa->save();
$users->add( array($bob,$lisa) ); 
Merge two collection 
    $users->add($users_other);  // the collection $users_other appends to end of $users 

Export data to a array



Define multilevel inheritable models:

    use Purekid\Mongodm\Model;
    namespace Demo;

class Human extends Model{

    static $collection = "human";

    protected static $attrs = array(
        'name' => array('default'=>'anonym','type'=>'string'),
        'age' => array('type'=>'integer'),
        'gender' => array('type'=>'string'),
        'dad' =>  array('type'=>'reference','model'=>'Demo\Human'),
        'mum' =>  array('type'=>'reference','model'=>'Demo\Human'),
        'friends' => array('type'=>'references','model'=>'Demo\Human'),


class Student extends Human{

    protected static $attrs = array(
        'grade' => array('type'=>'string'),
        'classmates' => array('type'=>'references','model'=>'Demo\Student'),



    $bob = new Student( array('name'=>'Bob','age'=> 17 ,'gender'=>'male' ) );

$john = new Student( array('name'=>'John','age'=> 16 ,'gender'=>'male' ) );

$lily = new Student( array('name'=>'Lily','age'=> 16 ,'gender'=>'female' ) );

$lisa = new Human( array('name'=>'Lisa','age'=>41 ,'gender'=>'female' ) );

$david = new Human( array('name'=>'David','age'=>42 ,'gender'=>'male') );

$bob->dad = $david;
$bob->mum = $lisa;
$bob->classmates = array( $john, $lily );

Retrieve and check value:

    $bob = Student::one( array("name"=>"Bob") );

echo $bob->dad->name;    // David

$classmates = $bob->classmates;

echo $classmates->count(); // 2

var_dump($classmates->get(0)); // john  

Retrieve subclass

Retrieve all Human records , queries without 'type' because of it's a toplevel class.

    $humans = Human::all();
Retrieve all Student records , queries with { "type":"Student" } because of it's a subclass.

    $students = Student::all();

Retrieve subclass without

To retrieve a record without the

criteria (i.e.
{ "_type":"Student" }
) set:
class Student extends \Purekid\Mongodm\Model
    protected static $useType = false;

protected static $collection = 'Student';


Make sure to set a collection otherwise you will get results with every `type`._

Other static methods in Model

    User::drop() // Drop collection 
    User::ensureIndex()  // Add index for collection

Model Hooks

The following hooks are available:


Executed after the constructor has finished


Executed before saving a new record


Executed after saving a new record


Executed before saving an existing record


Executed after saving an existing record


Executed before saving a record


Executed after saving a record


Executed before deleting a record


Executed after deleting a record

Special thanks to

mikelbring Paul Hrimiuc

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