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BERT for Finance : UC Berkeley MIDS w266 Final Project

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FinBERT: Pre-Trained on SEC Filings for Financial NLP Tasks

Vinicio DeSola, Kevin Hanna, Pri Nonis






Goal 1

FinBERT-Prime_128MSL-500K+512MSL-10K vs BERT
- Compare mask LM prediction accurracy on technical financial sentences - Compare analogy on financial relationships

Goal 2

FinBERT-Prime_128MSL-500K vs FinBERT-Pre2K_128MSL-500K
- Compare mask LM prediction accuracy on financial news from 2019 - Compare analogy on financial relationship, measure shift in understanding : risk vs climate in 1999 vs 2019

Goal 3

FinBERT-Prime_128MSL-500K vs FinBERT-Prime_128MSK-500K+512MSL-10K
- Compare mask LM prediction accuracy on long financial sentences

Goal 4

FinBERT-Combo_128MSL-250K vs FinBERT-Prime_128MSL-500K+512MSL-10K
- Compare mask LM prediction accuracy on financial sentences : can we get same accuracy with less training by building on original BERT weights.


  • Prime

    Pre-trained from scratch on 2017, 2018, 2019 SEC 10K dataset
  • Pre2K

    Pre-traind from scratch on 1998, 1999 SEC 10K dataset
  • Combo

    Pre-trained continued from original BERT on 2017, 2018, 2019 SEC 10K dataset


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