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Go client to communicate with Chaos DNS API.

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Go client to communicate with Chaos dataset API.


▶ GO111MODULE=on go get -v


▶ chaos -h

This will display help for the tool. Here are all the switches it supports.

| Flag | Description | Example | | ------------------------ | ---------------------------------------- | -------------------------------------------------------- | | -d | Domain to find subdomains for | chaos -d | | -count | Show statistics for the specified domain | chaos -d -count | | -o | File to write output to (optional) | chaos -d -o uber.txt | | -json | Print output as json | chaos -d -json | | -key | Chaos key for API | chaos -key API_KEY | | -dL | File with list of domains (optional) | chaos -dL domains.txt | | -dns-record-type | Filter by dns record type | chaos -bbq -d -dns-record-type cname | | -dns-status-code | Filter by dns status code | chaos -bbq -d -dns-status-code noerror | | -filter-wildcard | Filter DNS wildcards | chaos -bbq -d -filter-wildcard | | -http-url | Print URL of the subdomains | chaos -bbq -d -http-url | | -http-title | Print title of the URL | chaos -bbq -d -http-title | | -http-status-code | Print http status code | chaos -bbq -d -http-status-code | | -http-status-code-filter | Filter http status code | chaos -bbq -d -http-status-code-filter 200 | | -resp | Print DNS record with response | chaos -bbq -d -resp | | -resp-only | Print the response of DNS record | chaos -bbq -d -dns-record-type cname -resp-only | | -silent | Make the output silent | chaos -d -silent | | -version | Print current version of chaos client | chaos -version |

You can also set the API key as environment variable in your bash profile.


How to avail

As of now Chaos dataset is in beta for testing and API endpoint access available to invited users only, you can request an invite for yourself here, we are sending out new invites every 2nd monday of the month, singed up and still missing the invites? feel free to shoot us a DM is our Discord server.

Running chaos

In order to get subdomains for a domain, use the following command.

▶ chaos -d -silent

To get the number of subdomains count, you can use the

▶ chaos -d -count -silent


👨‍💻 Community

You are welcomed to join our Discord Community. You can also follow us on Twitter to keep up with everything related to chaos project.

💡 Notes

  • The API is rate-limited to 1 request at a time per token.
  • Chaos API only supports domain name to query.
  • Chaos recon data can be retrieved using

📌 Reference

Thanks again for your contribution and keeping the community vibrant. :heart:

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