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Pro Git 2nd Edition

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= Pro Git, Second Edition

Welcome to the second edition of the Pro Git book.

You can find this book online at:

Like the first edition, the second edition of Pro Git is open source under a Creative Commons license.

A couple of things have changed since open sourcing the first edition. For one, we've moved from Markdown to the amazing AsciiDoc format for the text of the book; here's an[AsciiDoc quick reference].

We've also moved to keeping the translations in separate repositories rather than subdirectories of the English repository. See[the translating document] for more information.

== How To Generate the Book

You can generate the e-book files manually with Asciidoctor. We used to be able to build .mobi files (Kindle), but cannot do so now, see #1496 for more information. If you run the following you may actually get HTML, Epub and PDF output files:

$ bundle install $ bundle exec rake book:build Converting to HTML... -- HTML output at progit.html Converting to EPub... -- Epub output at progit.epub Converting to PDF...

-- PDF output at progit.pdf

== Signaling an Issue

Before signaling an issue, please check that there isn't already a similar one in the bug tracking system.

Also, if this issue has been spotted on the site, please cross-check that it is still present in this repo. The issue may have already been corrected, but the changes have not been deployed yet.

== Contributing

If you'd like to help out by making a change, take a look at the[contributor's guide].

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