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Seattle, WA


Zack's main area of expertise is transfer , and is also an expert on location-services and gps-tracker . Zack is recognized as Transfer Top-1Location-services Top-1, and Gps-tracker Top-1 . Owner of find3 (4.0K stars) , and recognized as a key contributor to croc , gojot . A Github user since 2014 , Zack is ranked as #2,033 globally .
Additional areas of expertise: indoor-positioning, data-transfer, and tshark

Repositories owned

find3 Stars 4.0K (v3.3.0) over 2 years ago JavaScript Python bluetooth

Repositories contributed to

croc Stars 11.3K (v8.6.7) 27 days ago
gojot Stars 342 (v4.0.0) over 3 years ago
find3 Stars 4.0K (v3.3.0) over 2 years ago
cowyo Stars 694 (v2.12.0) almost 3 years ago
find Stars 4.8K (v0.6client) over 3 years ago
rwtxt Stars 906 (v1.8.5) 7 months ago

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