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OneTeam XMPP multi-platform client. This is a Mozilla / XUL based platform, developed mostly in Javascript and C++ XPCOM.

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OneTeam is XMPP/Jabber client useable as Firefox extension, or standalone Xulrunner application.


Source directory has structure which allows it to be used directly as Firefox extension (by putting file named [email protected] containing path to source), or with small change (uncommenting line with toolkit.defaultChromeURI in defaults/preferences/non-build.js) as xulrunner application.

Building packages

Building infrastructure is writen in Perl, and requires one non-standard module - Sub::Name.

It can be called directly by executing "perl " or using targets defined in Makefile.

Build script recognizes those flags: XULAPP - use this to generate xulrunner application XPI - generate firefox extension XPI package DMG - generate MacOS DMG archive XULLRUNNER - path to xulrunner application, right now used only by DMG target DEBUG - enable some additional debug infrastructure NOJAR - prevent from storing files in jar archive UPDATEURL - location used by firefox to looking for updates to extension XPIURL - location of .xpi file used in creation of update.rdf file MARBASEURL - location where .mar (xulapp update) files are accessible MARUPDATEURL - location of service handling update requests for xulrunner apps MARUPDATECHANNEL - name of channel used in update process MAR_FILE - file name pattern used for naming generated .mar files

Makefile has few targets which may be used as shortcuts for calling manually. Most usefull are 'xpi', 'xpidbg', 'xulapp' and 'xulappdbg'

Compiling C code

To do that you will need tools listed for your platfrom from under 'Build Prerequisites'. Additionally you will need to have cmake available in your system, and copy of xulrunner-sdk for your platform.

Code for compilation lives in src/components, first step you should do is create directory somewhere which will hold build files. After that you should call 'cmake -D XPCOMGECKOSDK= ' and 'make' (or 'nmake' in case of windows). After successfull build calling 'make install' or 'make install/strip' will copy newly compiled libraries into platform/ in OneTeam directory.

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