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Universal bitcoin/altcoin blockchain client library for Python and the command line

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Moneywagon is a an implementation of a Blockchain Kernel. It is a tool that can be used to built lightweight cryptocurrency wallets. Blockchain Kernels provide an alternative to the outdated "SPV" method of building lightweight cryptocurrency services.


  • Lightweight wallet functionality - Use Moneywagon to build a bitcoin enabled device Works on all cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, PPC, DOGE, VTC, MYR.
    1. Get current crypto/fiat exchange rate
    2. Get crypto balance for address
    3. Get historical transactions for crypto address
    4. Get unspent outputs
    5. Get historical crypto/fiat price.
    6. Get optimal transaction fee (BTC only)
    7. Generate new crypto private/pubic keys supporting both 'WIF' and 'compressed' encodings.

General Cryptocurrency Features: * Bip38 support * Multi-sig support - coming soon * HD-wallet support - coming soon

Prerequisites modules (for BIP38 & installation of module via pip)

$ pip install scrypt
$ pip install pycrypto


$ pip install moneywagon



If you would like to add a new service, feel free to make a pull request. If you discover a service is no longer working feel free to create a github issue and some will fix it shortly.


If you would like to send a donation to support development, please send BTC here: 1HWpyFJ7N6rvFkq3ZCMiFnqM6hviNFmG5X

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