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Building better developers by specifying criteria of success

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Project Wisdom

I frequently see web developers struggling to become better, but without a path or any indication of clear direction. This repository is an attempt to sharing my experiences, and any contributions, that can help provide such a direction.

The goal

The goal of this repository is to provide some structure and educational direction for web developers so that they can earn that rockstar status at their own pace.

The problem

Many developers wish to earn rockstar status, but don't know how to get there. In my experience it isn't about being a better coder. I frequently see developers struggling to satisfy how to write code. That is only the beginning. Rockstar developers don't spend their energy intentionally trying to become better coders. If all you can do is merely write code then it doesn't matter how great you are, because you certainly aren't a rockstar developer.

The solution

Rockstar developers achieve their status through providing better solutions. When developers struggle all their energy on how to write code they loose focus of what to write more importantly why.

I have found, in my experience, that through education in a wider distribution of subjects related to web technologies I have become aware of more problems to solve. Attempting to solve some of these problems provides the practice to make me a stronger developer, but it also challenges my perceptions of how to write code. Therefore I am constantly struggling through the how to write code like everybody else, but the primary difference is that it is often completely unintentional. I have found that by expending more energy questioning why I should do something I am unintentionally answering how to do it and learning far more at the same time.

The implied difference between a how question and a why question is structure. There is no structure associated with answering a how question. The solution to help make stronger developers then is simple: provide some clear educational direction. Most developers are incredibly brilliant and disciplined at self-education. They just need a little nudge in the right direction and diversity of things to study.

Contributions are welcome

I'm not a rockstar. Anything written here is open to debate and challenges are encouraged. I want this to be a completely open project, so you wish to contribute please submit a pull request with your changes or open an issue for discussion.

I am a huge fan of freedom of speech, but I will delete or remove any commentary at my discretion. Hateful, discriminatory, disrespectful, and otherwise negative communications towards another person will not be tolerated. So long as you focus on the subject matter instead of the author you should have no fear of censorship.

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