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WordPress operator for Kubernetes

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WordPress operator enables managing multiple WordPress installments at scale.

Goals and status

The main goals of the operator are:

  1. Easily deploy scalable WordPress sites on top of kubernetes
  2. Allow best practices for en masse upgrades (canary, slow rollout, etc.)
  3. Friendly to devops (monitoring, availability, scalability and backup stories solved)

The project is actively developed and maintained and has reached stable beta state. Check here the project releases.


  1. WordPress operator - this project
  2. WordPress runtime - container image supporting the project goals (


Install CRDs

This step is optional. By default helm will install CRDs.

Install kustomize. New to kustomize? Check

To install CRDs use the following command:

kustomize build | kubectl apply -f-

Install controller

Install helm. New to helm? Check

Install kubectl. For more details, see:

To deploy this controller, use the provided helm chart, by running:

helm repo add presslabs
helm install presslabs/wordpress-operator --name wordpress-operator
# or if using helm v3
helm install wordpress-operator presslabs/wordpress-operator

Deploying a Wordpress Site

kind: Wordpress
  name: mysite
  replicas: 3
  # image:
  # tag: latest
  code: # where to find the code
    # contentSubpath: wp-content/
    # by default, code get's an empty dir. Can be one of the following:
      # reference: master
      # env:
      #   - name: SSH_RSA_PRIVATE_KEY
      #     valueFrom:
      #       secretKeyRef:
      #         name: mysite
      #         key: id_rsa

# persistentVolumeClaim: {}
# hostPath: {}
# emptyDir: {} (default)

media: # where to find the media files # by default, code get's an empty dir. Can be one of the following: gcs: # store files using Google Cloud Storage bucket: calins-wordpress-runtime-playground prefix: mysite/ env: - name: GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS valueFrom: secretKeyRef: name: mysite key: google_application_credentials.json - name: GOOGLE_PROJECT_ID value: development # persistentVolumeClaim: {} # hostPath: {} # emptyDir: {} bootstrap: # wordpress install config env: - name: WORDPRESS_BOOTSTRAP_USER valueFrom: secretKeyRef: name: mysite key: USER - name: WORDPRESS_BOOTSTRAP_PASSWORD valueFrom: secretKeyRef: name: mysite key: PASSWORD - name: WORDPRESS_BOOTSTRAP_EMAIL valueFrom: secretKeyRef: name: mysite key: EMAIL - name: WORDPRESS_BOOTSTRAP_TITLE valueFrom: secretKeyRef: name: mysite key: TITLE

extra volumes for the Wordpress container

volumes: []

extra volume mounts for the Wordpress container

volumeMounts: []

extra env variables for the Wordpress container

env: - name: DB_HOST value: mysite-mysql - name: DB_USER valueFrom: secretKeyRef: mysite-mysql key: USER - name: DB_PASSWORD valueFrom: secretKeyRef: mysite-mysql key: PASSWORD - name: DB_NAME valueFrom: secretKeyRef: mysite-mysql key: DATABASE envFrom: []

secret containg HTTPS certificate

tlsSecretRef: mysite-tls

extra ingress annotations

ingressAnnotations: {}


This project is licensed under Apache 2.0 license. Read the LICENSE file in the top distribution directory, for the full license text.

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