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A day to day plan for this challenge (50 Days of Machine Learning) . Covers both theoretical and practical aspects

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A day to day plan for this challenge. Covers both theoritical and practical aspects.

I have build Docker Image with all the required dependencies till Day 21. Feel free to use it by pulling it using -> docker pull prakhar21/ml-utilities

Please see Deep Work which compliments our challenge and increases productivity. You can follow me on @Medium for interesting blog articles.

Day-1 (31st July, 2018)

Day-2 (1st August, 2018)

Day-3 (2nd August, 2018)

Day-4 (3rd August, 2018)

Day-5 (4th August, 2018)

Day-6 (5th August, 2018)

Day-7 (6th August, 2018)

Day-8 (7th August, 2018)

Day-9 (8th August, 2018)

Day-10 (9th August, 2018)

Day-11 (10th August, 2018)

Day-12 (11th August, 2018)

Day-13 (12th August, 2018)

Day-14 (13th August, 2018)

Day-15 (14th August, 2018)

Day-16 (15th August, 2018)

Day-17 (16th August, 2018)

Day-18 (20th August, 2018)

Day-19 (21st August, 2018)

Day-20 (22nd August, 2018)

Day-21 (23rd August, 2018)

  • See all videos under C2W2
  • Implement saving/loading of ML models
  • Write Dockerfile

Day-22 (24th August, 2018)

Day-23 (25th August, 2018)

  • Read Chapter 6 (till 6.1.2) from the book Mining Massive Datasets
  • Read/Practice Day-26

Day-24 (26th August, 2018)

  • Read Chapter 6 (till 6.1) from the book Mining Massive Datasets

Day-25 (27th August, 2018)

Day-26 (28th August, 2018)

Day-27 (29th August, 2018)

  • Read about article on RL 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Implement randomised cartpole balancer

Day-28 (30th August, 2018)

  • Read paper
  • Implement neural network in PyTorch
  • PyTorch + TensorBoard
  • Update Docker File/Image

Day-29 (31st August, 2018)

Day-30 (1st September, 2018)

Day-31 (3rd September, 2018)

  • Implement Cartpole using Cross Entropy method

Day-32 (4th September, 2018)

Day-33 (5th September, 2018)

Day-34 (6th September, 2018)

Day-35 (7th September, 2018)

  • Implement Q-Learning

Day-36 (10th September, 2018)

Day-37 (11th September, 2018)

Day-38 (12th September, 2018)

Day-39 (13th September, 2018)

  • Read about Agglomerative Clustering

Day-40 (14th September, 2018)

  • Read about Deep-Q-Networks and understand epsilon-greedy, replay buffer and target network in the same context.
  • See 7, 8 from Statistics - Khan Academy

Day-41 (15th September, 2018)

Day-42 (17th September, 2018)

Day-43 (18th September, 2018)

Day-44 (19th September, 2018)

Day-45 (20th Spetember, 2018)

Day-46 (21st September, 2018)

Day-47 (22nd Spetember, 2018)

Day-48 (22nd Spetember, 2018)

Day-49 (23rd September, 2018)

Day-50 (24th Spetember, 2018)

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