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A fast, global content delivery network for ES Modules.

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A fast, global content delivery network for ES Modules. All modules are transformed to ESM by esbuild in NPM.

Import from URL

import React from ''

Specify version

import React from '[email protected]'


import { renderToString } from ''

or import non-module(js) files:

import ''

Specify ESM target

import React from ''


: es2015 - es2020, esnext

Development mode

import React from ''

Bundle mode

import React from '[react,react-dom,swr]/react'
import ReactDom from '[react,react-dom,swr]/react-dom'

or your can define the bundle list in

(import-maps proposal)
    "imports": {
        "": "[react,react-dom,swr]/",
import React from '' // actual from '[react,react-dom,swr]/react'

⚠️ The bundling packages in URL are litmited up to 10, to bundle more packages, please use the esm client(WIP).

Deno compatibility provides polyfills for the node internal modules(fs, os, etc) with
to support some packages working in Deno, like

import postcss from ''
import autoprefixer from ''

const css = (await postcss([ autoprefixer]).process( backdrop-filter: blur(5px); user-select: none;).async()).content


By default, will response a custom HTTP header of

when the types(dts) defined, that is useful for deno types check (link).

figure #1

You can pass the

query to disable the
header if some types are incorrect:
import unescape from ''


Different with Skypack and jspm, will bundle all dependencies(exclude peerDependencies) for each package, that means there may be redundant contents transmitted when you are importing multiple packages.
This should be improved when the http/3(quic) is ready. For now the best practice is using the bundle mode.

As optional, you can split code manually with

import React from '[email protected]'
import useSWR from '[email protected]'

Network of


You will need Go 1.14+ to compile the server, and ensure supervisor installed on your host machine.
The server runtime will install the latest nodejs (14+ LTS) automatically.

$ git clone
$ cd
$ sh ./scripts/

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