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Documentation for Postman, a collaboration platform for API development. Available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

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Postman Learning Center

Postman is the collaboration platform for API development. And the Postman Learning Center has the resources you need to ramp up quickly and extend your skills with Postman. Postman allows you to write API test cases in any format of your choice (JSON/XML/many more) and run them to verify and validate your API. Moreover, Postman provides collections which can improve a developer's workflow. Postman is available for several platforms including windows and Mac OS X. For more information visit the Postman website.

Contribution guidelines

We would love for you to contribute to the Learning Center! To contribute to this project, please read:

NOTE: We have added a new Markdown linter with GitHub Actions. When making a pull request, it will run against this linter. Your changed files are required to pass linting before they will be merged. More information on this can be found in the contribution guidelines.

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Build the Learning Center locally

   $ git clone
   $ cd postman-docs
   $ npm install
   $ npm install -g gatsby-cli
   $ npm run dev

NOTE: this site was build with node v12.11.0. We recommend installing and using nvm and setting your node version to v12.11.0.

Build using Docker

You can build the Learning Center and run it in a Docker container using the following dockerfile.

  1. Start by cloning the the repository

git clone
  1. Create a file and name it "dockerfile" with the following contents

    FROM node:12

    EXPOSE 8000

    copy the postman-docs project directory

    COPY postman-docs /var/postman-docs

    WORKDIR "/var/postman-docs"

    RUN npm install -g gatsby-cli RUN npm install --force

    CMD ["yarn", "dev", "-H", "" ]

    The dockerfile should be in the same directory as the postman-docs directory

    # example directory structure
    |--[current folder]

  2. Build the Docker image with this command:

$ docker build --tag postman-docs:1.0 .
  1. Start a container using the image

$ docker run -p 8000:8000 -d postman-docs:1.0

Docker Compose

You can also build with docker-compose using the dockerfile above and this docker-compose.yaml

version: '3'
      context: ./
      - "8000:8000"

The docker-compose.yaml should be in the same directory as the postman-docs directory and dockerfile.

# example directory structure
|--[current folder]

Start run the container with this command

$ docker-compose up

Project Structure

The built site will only host the most up-to-date docs. All legacy documentation is stored in github and excluded from build.

To update the docs

  • Posts are maintained under the

  • The folder structure of /docs is the URL structure for posts. For example,

    is mapped to URL
  • Links in the docs should be relative. Example:




Apache License 2.0

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