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Beta version of new Apple TV integration in Home Assistant supporting tvOS 13

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Apple TV Beta Component

TL;DR: What you see here is already available in the official Home Assistant releases. You do not need to use this repository anymore. If you have problems after migrating, please remove your devices and add them again.

This is the beta component repository for the Apple TV component in Home Assistant. In the past, it has been used to ship an upcoming uplift of the Apple TV component supporting devices running tvOS. That uplift shipped with Home Assistant 2020.12.1. The repository is kept only for potential major changes in the future, but will for most part just replicate whatever has already been merged in Home Assistant core repository. So generally you do not need to use this custom repository at all, unless instructed to do so for beta testing purposes.

Issues and trouble reports should be reported in the


>> Report issues here <<


Release 2 (current)

Synchronize with Home Assistant dev branch. Includes support for suggested areas and bug fix for crashing apps on tvOS 14.5 (beta).

Release 1

Currently the same as Home Assistant 2021.3.1. Compared to previous version of the beta component, YAML support has been dropped and some status messages that used to appear as

in the media player has been removed. Some additonal features, like shuffle, repeat and volume controls have been added. But otherwise it's the same.

It should be safe to upgrade, but if you run in to problems, make sure to remove your devices from Integrations and adding them again before opening an issue.

Setting up

Head over to that Integrations page and add an Apple TV from there. You have to provide either the name of a device, its IP-address or a unique identifier (that you got via

atvremote scan
). If everything works as expected you should see the discovered devices during the initial step.

Debug logs

If you run into problems, please (please, please) make sure you include debug logs. It is really hard to debug without them. You enable them like this:

    pyatv: debug
    custom_components.apple_tv: debug


Remember, this is beta software. Features are not fully developed yet, things will not work, etc. If you try it out, I would be very grateful if you reported any issues you encounter. It helps me iron out bugs and making the integration stable before submitting it to Home Assistant. It's a win-win in the end, really.

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