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Beta version of new Apple TV integration in Home Assistant supporting tvOS 15

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Apple TV Beta Component


TL;DR Initial work to support tvOS 15. Old config is not compatible, please remove previously added devices before upgrading (or let me know what happens if you don't)!

This is the beta version of the Apple TV integration for Home Assistant. Use with care, possibly unstable and/or non-working code lives here. Be warned (but also, be brave).

Issues and trouble reports should be reported in the


>> Report issues here <<


Release 4 (current)

This release is mainly preparation for what will be included in Home Assistant. Things that have changed:

  • Re-structured the repo a bit to make it easier to develop
  • Updated and added test cases
  • Bumped pyatv to 0.9.5
  • Now using release tags instead of just top commit (HACS)
  • A warning will be shown when pairing with a password protected device as that is not supported
  • All translations except for english have been dropped

Release 3

  • MRP servive is ignored for tvOS 15 devices which means there should be no (failed) attempts to pair that protocol
  • Connecting to Apple TV 3 (and older) devices should work again
  • Stop is now supported by RAOP, which means it is now possible to stop a file that is being streamed

Release 2

Config entry version has been bumped with no migration path, please remove all devices and add them again.

  • All unique identifiers belonging to a device is now stored in the config entry and are used during discovery. This should make discovery more reliable and hopefully not produce duplicate entries in the Integrations page.
  • Music app/iTunes can now be paired properly
  • Model name now supports names as raw strings, which allows Home Assistant to display the manufacturers model name (you will notice this for auto-discovered devices).
  • Bug fix for non-working volume controls with grouped devices (MRP)

Release 1

Summary of changes:

  • Restores support for tvOS 15, still rough around the edges
  • Supports HomePods (full media controls)
  • Local audio files can be streamed via RAOP (AirPlay) to all supported devices via the
  • Basic support for arbitrary AirPlay speakers. Metadata ONLY works when streaming from Home Assistant, i.e. it will not reflect what someone else is streaming to the device (the HomePod being an exception). No media controls are working.
  • Barely tested meaning tons of fun testing for you!

Known issues:

  • Music app/iTunes instances are discovered, but pairing will fail as pairing Companion is not possible (no PIN) - will be fixed in next update

Setting up

Head over to that Integrations page and add an Apple TV from there. You have to provide either the name of a device, its IP-address or a unique identifier (that you got via

atvremote scan
). If everything works as expected you should see the discovered devices during the initial step.

Streaming audio

If the RAOP protocol is properly set up during pairing and if a file with supported file type is provided when calling the

service, then the integration will now stream that file to the device, which is great. However, no media controls works in this case. So, you cannot stop, pause or in any way abort something being streamed. This is a limitation in pyatv: those features are not supported yet.

Please do not open issues regarding this!


A hack to support TTS is included here. It will likely not be included in the final merged version of the integration, but hopefully serve as a PoC to show what is needed to support it. The goal is to come up with a proper way of doing this.

This is built on top of "Streaming audio" above, so the same limitations apply.

Again, please do not open issues regarding this!

Debug logs

If you run into problems, please (please, please) make sure you include debug logs. It is really hard to debug without them. You enable them like this:

    pyatv: debug
    custom_components.apple_tv: debug


Remember, this is beta software. Features are not fully developed yet, things will not work, etc. If you try it out, I would be very grateful if you reported any issues you encounter. It helps me iron out bugs and making the integration stable before submitting it to Home Assistant. It's a win-win in the end, really.

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