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A CSS selector parser, integrates with postcss but does not require it.

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postcss-selector-parser Build Status

Selector parser with built in methods for working with selector strings.


With npm do:

npm install postcss-selector-parser

Quick Start

const parser = require('postcss-selector-parser');
const transform = selectors => {
    selectors.walk(selector => {
        // do something with the selector

const transformed = parser(transform).processSync('h1, h2, h3');

To normalize selector whitespace:

const parser = require('postcss-selector-parser');
const normalized = parser().processSync('h1, h2, h3', {lossless: false});
// -> h1,h2,h3

Async support is provided through

and will resolve a Promise with the resulting selector string.


Please see


  • Huge thanks to Andrey Sitnik (@ai) for work on PostCSS which helped accelerate this module's development.



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