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SCSS parser for PostCSS.

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PostCSS SCSS Syntax

A SCSS parser for PostCSS.

This module does not compile SCSS. It simply parses mixins as custom at-rules & variables as properties, so that PostCSS plugins can then transform SCSS source code alongside CSS.

Sponsored by Evil Martians


npm --save install postcss postcss-scss


There are two ways to use this parser:

1. SCSS Transformations

The main use case of this plugin is to apply PostCSS transformations directly to SCSS source code.

For example, you can lint SCSS source with Stylelint and linter will automatically fix issues in the source.

// postcss.config.js
module.exports = {
  syntax: 'postcss-scss',
  plugins: {

2. Inline Comments for PostCSS

Also you can use this parser just to add

single-line comment to your PostCSS project (without any Sass):
:root {
    // Main theme color
    --color: red;

Note that you don’t need a special stringifier to handle the output; the default one will automatically convert single line comments into block comments.

// postcss.config.js
module.exports = {
  parser: 'postcss-scss',
  plugins: {

If you want Sass behaviour with removing inline comments, you can use postcss-strip-inline-comments plugin.

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