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Portable OpenStreetMap - offline mapping and field enumeration (log issues here)

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This is the GitHub home of POSM (Portable OpenStreetMap). POSM's goal is to integrate best-of-breed tools from a variety of sources and developers on a single device that can be deployed to the field alongside Red Cross staff and volunteers and facilitate mapping efforts, particularly when internet access is absent.

For installation and usage instructions, check out the intro docs!

More Information

For more information, check the following sources:


This is intended to provide a working definition of various terms used throughout POSM.

  • AOI - Area of Interest.
  • Atlas (Field Papers) - Identified by a Field Papers URL and represented as a QR code.
  • Deployment - The sending of staff to a deployment AOI. Alternately, the provisioning of associated artifacts necessary to facilitate enumeration to a server accompanying staff into the field.
  • Deployment AOI - A region that staff are deployed to. Typically corresponds to imagery / logistical requests.
  • Digitization - Tracing / transcribing features present on a page into a GIS system (e.g. JOSM or iD).
  • Extent - Bounding box coordinates describing an AOI.
  • Field Enumeration - Collection of information about geographic features in the field.
  • Form (OpenMapKit) - Set of questions used during a field survey. Generally unique to a deployment AOI.
  • Page (Field Papers) - Single sheet of paper. Part of an atlas; identified using grid coordinates (e.g. A1, F6, ...). Corresponds to an individual survey area. Identified by a Field Papers URL and represented as a QR code.
  • Provision - Artifacts associated with a task area.
  • Snapshot (Field Papers) - Identified by a Field Papers URL.
  • Survey (OpenMapKit) - A survey is a set of questions being asked in a form. There are several types of questions, including: number, select one, select multiple, etc. OpenMapKit provides the ability to answer questions with OpenStreetMap data.
  • Survey Area - A focused area within a task area. Should be sized appropriately that multiple survey areas can be covered by the same time in a single day. Corresponds to a single page within an atlas.
  • Task Area - A focused area within the deployment AOI. Corresponds to a set of pages within an atlas.
  • Response (OpenMapKit) - Collected metadata for an individual feature within a survey area.


Our hardware target is an Intel NUC. More info is available in the docs.

Project-related Repositories

POSM is an aggregation of tools that are used in field enumeration and digitizing efforts. This is a list of some of those tools and how they fit into the overall effort.


  • POSM - You are here. This is the umbrella project for the POSM project and contains documentation and project-wide tasks.
  • posm-admin - Simple admin interface for posm configuration & management.
  • posm-build - Build scripts and configuration for software deployment.
  • osm-export-tool2 - A fork of the HOT Export tool used to create POSM data bundles.
  • posm-admin-ii - Next-generation admin interface for OpenDroneMap + Imagery API management.
  • posm-imagery-api - GeoTIFF tiling (including MBTiles generation).
  • posm-opendronemap-api - Produce GeoTIFFs and 3D models from UAV photos using OpenDroneMap.


Field Papers

  • fieldpapers - Umbrella project for Field Papers. Contains documentation and issues.
  • fp-legacy - (Now-unused) PHP code for the website, Python atlas creation + snapshot processing tools
  • fp-tasks - Node.js-based HTTP task runner for generating atlases and processing snapshots.
  • fp-tiler - tessera-based GeoTIFF map tiler for processed snapshots.
  • fp-web - Rails-based Field Papers website.
  • josm-fieldpapers - JOSM plugin for Field Papers.
  • Transifex - Field Papers translations.


  • OpenDataKit - Mobile data collection for Android.
  • OpenStreetMap - The one, the only, OpenStreetMap.
  • tessera - tilelive-based tile server. Can be used for serving static tiles (from MBTiles archives or elsewhere) and for rendering new data.
  • tl - tilelive-based tile utility belt. Used for creating MBTiles archives from both local and remote sources.
  • pyXforms-for converting Excel based surveys.
  • OpenDroneMap - process photos taken by UAVs into GeoTIFFs and 3D models using Structure from Motion.
  • ...

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