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PoolTogether prize-linked savings game Solidity smart contracts.

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PoolTogether Brand

PoolTogether Prize Savings Protocol

<PoolTogether> Coverage Status built-with openzeppelin

The PoolTogether Prize Savings Protocol Ethereum smart contracts.

For an overview of the concepts and API please see the documentation


This project is available as an NPM package:

$ yarn add @pooltogether/pooltogether-contracts



There are deployment artifacts available in the

directory. For example, to pull in the PoolWithMultipleWinnersBuilder artifact:
const PoolWithMultipleWinnersBuilder = require('@pooltogether/pooltogether-contracts/deployments/rinkeby/PoolWithMultipleWinnersBuilder.json')
const {
 } = PoolWithMultipleWinnersBuilder


Application Binary Interfaces for all PoolTogether contracts and related contracts are available in the


For example, to pull in the PrizePool ABI:

const PrizePool = require('@pooltogether/pooltogether-contracts/abis/PrizePool.json')


First clone this repository and enter the directory.

Install dependencies:

$ yarn

We use direnv to manage environment variables. You'll likely need to install it.


We use Hardhat and hardhat-deploy

To run unit & integration tests:

$ yarn test

To run coverage:

$ yarn coverage

To run fuzz tests:

$ yarn echidna

Fork Testing

Ensure your environment variables are set up. Make sure your Alchemy URL is set. Now start a local fork:

$ yarn start-fork

Setup account impersonation and transfer eth:

$ ./scripts/


Deploy Locally

Start a local node and deploy the top-level contracts:

$ yarn start

NOTE: When you run this command it will reset the local blockchain.

Connect Locally

Start up a Hardhat Console:

$ hardhat console --network localhost

Now you can load up the deployed contracts using hardhat-deploy:

> await deployments.all()

If you want to send transactions, you can get the signers like so:

> let signers = await ethers.getSigners()

Let's mint some Dai for ourselves:

> let dai = await ethers.getContractAt('ERC20Mintable', (await deployments.get('Dai')).address, signers[0])
> await[0]._address, ethers.utils.parseEther('10000'))
> ethers.utils.formatEther(await dai.balanceOf(signers[0]._address))

Deploy to Live Networks

Copy over .envrc.example to .envrc

$ cp .envrc.example .envrc

Make sure to update the enviroment variables with suitable values.

Now enable the env vars using direnv

$ direnv allow

Now deploy to a network like so:

$ yarn deploy rinkeby

It will update the


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