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Quickly browse the history of a file from any git repository

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Git History

Quickly browse the history of files in any git repo:

  1. Go to a file in GitHub (or GitLab, or Bitbucket)
  2. Replace
  3. There's no step three

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You can also add an

Open in Git History
button to GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket with the Chrome and Firefox extensions.
Or you can use a bookmarklet.
javascript: (function() {
  var url = window.location.href;
  var regEx = /^(https?\:\/\/)(www\.)?(github|gitlab|bitbucket)\.(com|org)\/(.*)$/i;
  if (regEx.test(url)) {
    url = url.replace(regEx, "$1$$5");, "_blank");
  } else {
    alert("Not a Git File URL");

Local Repos

You can use Git History for local git repos with the CLI or with the VS Code extension.

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