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RGB lighting management software for GNU/Linux. Powered by OpenRazer (working to be vendor agnostic)

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An open source RGB lighting management front-end application to customise OpenRazer peripherals on GNU/Linux. Soon to be vendor agnostic!

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Screenshot of Polychromatic v0.7.0 Controller


Polychromatic is a vendor agnostic front-end for managing lighting, RGB effects and some special functionality for keyboards, mice, keypads and just about any other gaming peripheral on your GNU/Linux system.

The software aims to make it easy to create and co-ordinate lighting effects that work across all compatible hardware, even if you switch to another brand also supported by Polychromatic.

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Device Support

Polychromatic on its own is just a frontend, it needs at least one backend installed to provide the actual communication with the hardware.

Currently, OpenRazer is the only supported backend at the moment. (Being vendor agnostic is a fairly new objective!)

In future, this project would like to add support for:

  • OpenRGB - supports many brands, including GPU, MB and RAM modules.
  • phue - for Philips Hue support

Note: Between v0.7.0 and the next version, there will be some major refactoring in the backend classes.

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Instructions for each supported distro are provided on the website:

Installing packages from a software repository is recommended as this will keep the software up-to-date, and your package system will keep track of dependencies.

If you need to test a specific change, grab an artifact from the Actions tab and extract to a folder (GitHub requires you to be signed in to download these). Make sure you have installed the dependencies.

Hacking / Contributing

Providing all the dependencies (including build ones) are installed, you can run the application directly from the Git repository folder without installing. Obtained the source code by either running

git clone
or downloading a copy as a zip folder.

Your configuration and cache is isolated into a

directory when running via
. To isolate the tray applet and command line interfaces, set this environment variable:

Then run the desired application:


While most of the project isn't compiled like conventional software, there are a couple of pieces that do:


These are performed by

and only need to be performed once, unless there's been code changes.


If you have custom installation requirements, Polychromatic can be put together using Meson and Ninja.

  • You’ll need an implementation of SASS to compile Polychromatic’s Controller Qt styling.

    is widely available, but there’s other implementations that could be used.
  • intltool
    is required for compiling translations.
  • git
    is needed for retrieving the source code.

To build:

git clone
cd polychromatic
meson build
ninja -C build install

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Something not working?

For OpenRazer users, occasionally, issues are caused by an improper driver installation. Polychromatic includes a troubleshooter to identify common problems. See our FAQs on OpenRazer if your device is not showing up or shows an error when changing settings.

For bugs specific to Polychromatic, please raise an issue here.


The software can speak multiple languages! Here's a guide if you'd like to contribute.


If you love this software and wish to leave a little something to excite the developer, you're welcome to do so via Thank you for your generosity!

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